Black Short Stories : Sins Of Human Birth


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Jan 15, 2003
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Sins Of Human Birth
Author Jacqueline Amos

Dark as the tunnel which I drawl ,
the light that brings life.
Thy travels from heavens to earth,
the love that embrace.
The past has return to life,
the scars of a past continues to repeat the same mistakes.
Resurrection of a soul that lives,
to complete the missions of the pass life.
Indoctrinations of the rules which must be held.
The decay of a world that awaits my growth.
Sins of the fathers that reigns within its on curse.

Expression ecological and planetary perspectives,
sacred places of thy fathers trust.
Every person a mission ,
everything a purpose mind and spirit shall re-group.
Balancing the mind of the universe.
Gods spoken words un rehearse.
The beat of the Universe flows fiercely,
fascinations of the living breath.

Death becomes life,
in a world order of complexity,
within the diversity of the soul of men.
Strength of justice shall sing ,
on the mountain of Calvary.
Be still and rewrite the past ,
which continues to repeat.
The fires of belligerency ,
the voices of rotten death.

I cry , I cry , I cry, strong until the light ,
shall over power the dark.
To die in hell is to survive,
the sins of the human birth.
In hell has no fury in disguise,
of a people that returns from the ancient dust.

The wound is deep, dark as the night,
bandage of darkness, the sins have fell,
upon the knew entries of life.
Chants of the haunting births of death,
that lingers for the new victims which arrive.
Desolating the curse of a new life.

The soul of breath,
takes a new diversions of the next life,
subsiding the kinship which follows in its light.
Moist upon thy universe,
the foundations has fallen,
within the pits of hell.

The cloak which has tarnish God spoken words.
To do are to dye, to live are to change,
to repeat a living death.
Thy torch that renders the ceremony of new breath,
the reflections of a darken past.
Within the realms of instant death.

I the soul of man, I the resurrections of the past,
I the spoken words sin of human birth,
oh thou devils son’s of vows,
creations of darkness that sets upon the earth.

The blind mans speak out of sight out of mind.
Inheritance that is tossed away.
Visioning man theories of what is right.
Pleading of a thousand souls,
listen as they roam upon the night.
Battle cries death to belligerency.
The faceless tribes,
imbibing the draught of hypocrisy.

Everyday of humanity is a vision,
of the promise that God gives to man.
The oppressed will no longer be,
sadden of the past.
Human kindness will be the feast of great men.
Yesterday dreams, will be tomorrows visions.
Sweet Smells of glory.
The miracle of life.
Through the eyes of the almighty,
the deep breaths,
from the endless immensity of the seas.


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