Black Poetry : "Single Mother"- Black America: Addressing the Issues


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Apr 6, 2013
The hood's too full
Of daily drama
But I'm too good
... To be a Baby Momma
But some men
Aren't strong brothers
They leave their women
To be single mothers
She cooks, she cleans
She does the work of her hands
She rears, she provides
She does the work of a man
Times are hard
And so is her love
Strong and pure
She has God above
Her dedication
Isn't without appreciation
She has the love
Of her own creation
Her children may never know
The love of their father
But they have her love
And will not be bothered
They'll see she's a better man
Then you could be
Stronger than you
Her strength they'll see
For her power
Is like no other
Never underestimate
A single mother

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