Black Poetry : Sin-cinnati (A Blak Man's Redemption)


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Mar 19, 2001
The neo-lynch party
has an old po(lice)litical agenda
being put into action affirmatively
in Sin-cinnati it's called
kill the nappy /heads/the dreads/the locs
black folks the brothers
with spermicidal bullets
ironically some brothers stand
in pulpits pronouncing that
blak people be "peaceful"
we need to iron out the wrinkles
in this blood covered flag that
cloaks Sin-cinnati cloaks crimes
against black people in Miami iron
this **** out from "sea to shining sea"
shatter the stars of those that think
their super(ior) and break Mumia out
from behind red, white, and blue bars

The new agenda is to shoot blak men in the
back of the head, in the back, in the black
sending us to fade to black and I'm tired
of ignorance ending so many brothers stories
before the happy ending patience bending
mind spinning Uncle Sam grinning and Clarence Uncle
Thomas resides quietly behind his black robe
mouth covered with a white hand how can one speak
against the man with a clear mind when the enemy
looks like your spouse love is love and life is life
but real is real and there is a neo-lynch
po(litical) agenda being put into action
in Sin-cinnati and the baseball team ain't the only
thing Red the roads bleed red (read Blood)
and the po-lice-man are hitting homeruns while
scratching their heads wondering where is
the nearest vacation resorts for their "paid leave"
vacation / now we're "terrorists" that's what they
say when we resort to violence reacting to
violence reacting to violence reacting to violence
tired of reacting with no action 'cept sitting
around a table with the kinsman of those that
kill us and expect AKSHUN to be TAKUN...a fool's
wish and we'll get shunned again when the po-lice-man's
gun breaks wind again and disrupts our nasal
passages with the stench of another dead brother
...those held under foot to long have begun
to take akshun and rioting is the akshun...light a flame
for me and burn down Sin-cinnati.

(c) 2001 blakverb "off da top thinkin"


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