Black Spirituality Religion : Simplistic Article: Is it ok to Attack God, Christians?

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    The problem I have with this article, like practically every other article regarding this topic, is that discussions often end up along simplistic dualist either/or lines or as if Christians are the eternal victims and didn’t essentially bring much (hell, all) of this upon themselves.

    Nowhere in this and other articles have I seen any acknowledgement that for a very long time it was Christians who were routinely offending and disrespecting other people’s ideas of divinity. Nowhere does it speak about the fact that even now, Christian pulpits and evangelical shows are platforms by which to skewer traditional African, Asian and Native American spiritual beliefs as “false teachings” in spite of the fact that most Christian devotees (and their priests and pastors) cannot write two paragraphs about any of these faiths’ history and the nature of their beliefs.

    The reality is that now more than any other time in human history, common people have the means by which they can research the origins of religions and religious ideas without having to depend on learned men of the cloth to do so for them. And they are doing so. Ideas and teachings that were once accepted solely because the Church said so can now be traced and deconstructed, usually ending up being challenged and dismissed. There is much hidden, suppressed and marginalised history that should have been told before but is now coming out and there is really nothing the Church and its zealous apologists can do to stop it, except of course write articles like the one in this link. If it hadn’t been so obstinate and anti-intellectual, not to mention arrogant in its insistence upon unquestioned conformity, Christianity would not have gotten itself into the position it is in where it is all but lampooned. Payback’s a bi*ch, not that I approve of some of the vitriol that has come back at the religion, and some of these critiques are no less sensationalist and pseudo-intellectual, but perhaps Christians now know how it felt to be routinely made fun of simply because one’s cosmological ideas differed on the surface.