Black Spirituality Religion : Simple Proof --- Jesus was a black man

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May 8, 2016
Does one use biblical text to support this as well, or just regional application?
Where is/was "Ethiopia" and how does King Solomon connect to it?

Was King Solomon's mother, "Ethiopian" or "European"?

The genealogical connection, the geographical location and secular history all intersect at the color of black.

Simple proof.

The Caucasian or European admits Japeth is their progenitor and nowhere in genealogy, geographical or secular records is there a connection between Jesus and Japeth.

Simple proof.

In the most holy of holy Vatican, there's only one portrait and it is in this holy sanctuary where every pope pray to the only symbol of the Black Madonna.

I don't believe every pope that existed would allow the portrait of a Black Madonna remain if there was the slightest doubt as to it's simple truth.

Simple truth

All throughout Europe and in Europeans most sacred houses of worship are Black Madonnas.

Simple proof.

Every monarch that becomes king or queen of England sit upon Jacobs Stone during their coronation and the king or queen of England "bow the knee to no mortal" with one exception and that occurred when Queen Elizabeth bowed her knee before Emperior Hallie Salasse the Lion of Judah and last emperor of Ethiopia.

Simple proof

Where is Ethiopia? Anyone interested enough to ask ought to be interested enough to seek some things for themselves.

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Nov 17, 2006

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