Black Short Stories : Simple Plan


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
Rolling pass properties after properties finally i found one fore me costing 10 thousand dollars with about a half acre suitable fore me only. It has a driveway to the right of the mailbox all wood with concrete foundation two bedroom fixer-upper. Well i got skills in anything dayum near and specialize masterminding surreal into real. I got my tools, supplies, boombox, phone charger then structured my schedule focusing on BLAQ ROSE. I figured once this home is paid off or even during the time of getting it paid off personal business has been accomplished gaining more strength, time and space to completely put my energy into BLAQ ROSE. I rarely break promises and the rare is on a cheap peep like buying candy fore someone knowing good well diabetes is right around the corner once the sugar addiction starts so i give them fruit instead; add your own honey, stevia or black strap molasses. Since my focus is wide open and my boo is not here on earth...all is left is building an empire instead of going out playing around in the clubs looking for trouble. To tell you the truth, i rather give the money up to a Sistah who can cook and cook fore me as a one-time deal just having dinner once i spot her on-site just like before years ago. I'm a risk taker true adventurer of life never regretting one moment as my lease could be expected at anytime so i must be real at all times making my steps harder to fill and you would be crazy too with nothing to lose.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I grew up wiser muthas slapping me up to witness freedom reminding me to come back to put in work and funking with the wrong sun and moon at the same time eyes peek peeping you sleeping high off painkillers another shadow just entered...been trained of elephant warfare gorilla style swinging monkey tales telling on me won't help you spreading the sickness made me wealthier spiritually turning negativity into positive cause i care less about the riches using them to flash on bye sounds heard a young souljah rolling solo in the winds cleaning up my raw figure bigger taller longitude expanding latitudes feeling like the thriller out the vanilla envelope letters of how i love you teaspoons of antidote stuck kissed by wish sent ah prayer up fore me holding tougher across my stomach tattooed is the message clearly written fore life harder coming up i won't stop moving with nothing to lose as heaven is on my mind all the time singing songs follow me along butterflies hearing the flutes blow out serenity's theme evil seems closer attracting foes by the loads but at least i know who the adversary is friend of me i grew up wiser out the chambers revolving hits flipping magazines and clips slip don't trip when the ultimate movie starts just take your seat laid down free styled eyes closed beside you over your shoulders is the alarm clocking your twist no need for the snooze as corruption stopped your heart deep tucked coldly in the flick simply planned we always was farther apart sparked your sol live in the dark.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
I felt like a preacher as i laughed away inside my mind fulfilling destiny's right hand plan often crossover to the many are afraid to do what is needed? how many times have i sat there and watch the congregation of they public society do the same things constantly over and over again reading the same stuff until they figured it out "booyaah! i need to move my people and sacrifice myself but how i do it?" and you see them go back into the books searching for answers as the heart is lost then they ask an elder not knowing all elders comes in different shapes, forms, sizes, ages and colors though i choose to watch the ant communicate as all is the same if you see it. Yes indeed servants are faithful to their lord master of all degrees the punisher and rewarder, the beginning and ending in their mindset, and i look at them like "i was once lost but now i am found plus was blind now eye see" but how many really take the time to look at everything perceptively who claim to be putting in work spiritual work? no answer and that's when i walked out the doors of all churches knowing my church as me of which i walk around daily is the temple so when they enter inside me they must be pure or known be turned around cause games i got plenty of but a simple plan for myself then for the people as spiritual business is the realest i've ever wrote and pictured clip fore clip knowing i can't quit as my script has already been written by me and i write rails often to make sure i do not go off course as the book of forthcoming see you know what the ancients taught me alot and they keep teaching from the ones who record recording accounts...i think that is too deep itself so imma stop there as characters are played whenever communication is sought and if i am the head of the body called the mastermind then i wonder about the other 12 when we click up how well are we going to transform as the ultimate collaboration? I smell victory as i couldn't save them all but at least i saved 64 who in turn gets the opportunity to save more by the acres and it won't stop i'm telling won't was written.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
My brothas who are known already i tell you this...ain't this reel entertainment when you be building brick by brick or structuring everything from clay to provide shelter into three mansion of one which yall will be staying in laid back all work and play. Not to forget the fourth mansion which is the "catch all" one providing hospitality, food, water and shelter and a nu insight on life when you leave my heart called BLAQ ROSE. Everything i do is fore the love of it...had to change my wise which change my ways which got me back on course indefinitely without the fame nor flaunting of riches nope! Just a simple man without chrome, handshaking probably see me with a brim on or the bears or the bulls or the cubs or the blackhawks on depending on the weather. Yes great grandma gave me the foundation of what it is like to be simply built and enjoy yourself within peace and silence. See those muthas back in the day knew each other from block to block and communicated quite well too knowing everything that went down and stopped the foolishness by handing out wisdom for a meal or two with seriousness as the forks and spoons plus love as tang or sweet tea; drink it up after that long walk gon' need it sooner or later.


Nefertum Husia Shayheh
Aug 10, 2013
See i love the children though...i'm a kid myself trapped in grown-up body and liking it too! You just get to grow up more and more and not of immature vs mature mentality nope! A Tree like or any nature growing type of mentality depending on the region of where you are living mentally and how far asleep are you so can we shift this into 4th?

Yeah that's why i keep my feelings to myself these days in time cause people be figuring you out to be this and that...but i love everybody seriously i just be planning, revising then applying and if the plan works yes! If it don't then tweak it just a little then reapply again. See you gotta know you weakness so that strength of the beholder will not be your trap or downfall...mine was females until i flipped the script being me rather than a change of clothing. I rather be your brotha to the endless too cool getting spiritual business done though all sistahs shine beautifully either insecure or secure and you can't tell by the clothing these gotta look inside which most of them will not let you get that close enough without having a trap themselves see all game was originate from the full circle of life and you came out of it full of life. All sistahs are beautiful. Art is amazing. Wonder is the skies. Earth has much love for anyone though you have to till her right you know what i mean? Shhh what do i know besides living my self-expression often finding myself pretty much alone like the winds but never to the point where summer is not near or spring. I have passion for life and the taste for Ethiopian coffee right about now cause i like when sistahs be smiling though fore some odd reason we as opposites cannot stand it when we cannot just love and don't tell on the under guess it is the way of life these days and nights...i rather love out in the open so feelings cannot grasp onto their particular mindset of how they were touched as this is personal cause personal is me so what i do as far as business being simply planned is spiritual for her and him. I just got to see this through like seeing movies in action through my cat named Cuddles's eyes. I'm like pure nature or something to that degree understanding them more and more each day...imagine my three serval cats Bubbles-Suds-Cuddles as characters singing the blues classically?? The three wise purrs for adults to think on when they need a soft touch of reality.

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