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Unfortunately, Eye no longer follow The Silver Fox Squad, LLC. Too much drama and too much bad karma. My only intent was to support a group of intelligent, fine black men. Everything went south real fast.

Eye even wrote 8 warning tips about scammers. Fb's response was to hack all my daughters account and request all of her friends to contribute $100 to her. That was the exact amount that the African impostor was begging me for.

See this is why Eye say Eye. Because Eye am woke and can no longer be fooled by anyone.

You are so right these scammers are a trip and do influence on any and all platforms. Eye wrote these tips on fb to warn women. Yes, it is unfortunate that these heartless Africans feel the need to scam women.

Here is my scam tip list:

1. If the party does not want to exchange numbers and talk on the phone and just text. They are hiding their their true identity because they don't want you to hear their voice or see their face.
As an American it is easy to detect African accents and their language mannerisms. Their tone is aggressive and they say "okay" as a condescending control word

2. If the party asks for money block them. Never send them money thru cash app or any other money venue.
You don't know them and they sure don't know you and they don't love you. All the love talk is to soften you up so you will loosen your purse, ladies.

3. If the party wants to rush into a relationship of love, trust, and caring block them.
It takes time to get to know some one be suspicious of anyone saying they love you and want to marry you in less than a week.

4. If the party gives you their bank information and then says their account is frozen after you contact the so- called automated bank line and gather their balance information it is a scam. Block 'em.

5. If the party asks a lot of questions yet does not want to answer any questions you have -- end the conversation permanently.

6. If the party gets mad because you refuse to give them money remember this is not the person you think you are talking to and their aim is to make you feel guilty. Don't do it.

7. If the person wants you to leave Facebook and join "what's app or Google chat" --don't do it. They just want to get you away from main stream media so they can't be traced.
According to my daughter they are using wiki w/o a registered 10 digit phone number in order not to be traced.

8. If the party jumps into any comment that you make on Facebook and requests instant friendship beware. It's a ploy. Don't be a volunteer or a victim to their romantic money scam.
The persons' intrusion is ransom not personal.


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