Black Poetry : Silent Blues

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    Silent Blues

    From a silent cat

    Silent through the night

    Inside stormy weather

    No doubt

    Inside feeling strange

    And looking through me

    Everything is happening so fast

    Like a picture

    On a movie screen

    Silent films

    You can see

    But you can feel

    What you read

    My heart won't let me say

    What's true

    My mouth won't open up

    To articulate who's to blame

    My mind has such a heavy load

    And it's task is to perform

    The silent mode

    I can't feel anymore

    And I can't explain

    I know you'd understand

    But I can't help feeling this way

    And in my mind

    It's a scary thing

    Not knowing who you can trust

    Who you can turn to

    Is a crazy thing

    So my soul

    Is crying out

    Singing the silent blues

    My poems reach out

    And catch a melody

    When no one's around

    My pen and paper connect

    Beyond measure

    In a most intimate

    And powerful way

    The relationship between

    My open letters

    Is clearly greater

    Than another human

    Can mend

    My broken heart

    And though it goes


    I smile


    I hide my sorrow

    Through the laughter

    I get so excited

    When I feel like nothing

    And after all the hurting

    And wanting


    And faking like nothings wrong

    I go un heard and

    The silent Blues

    Takes me away

    Like a thief in the night

    It takes me away

    On a journey


    Upon green pastures

    And beautiful days

    Green grass

    And clear blue skys

    And looking at it's nature

    I'm mezmorized by it's precious

    Precious innocence

    That could never be replaced

    And I notice all that is around me

    My eyes

    Conceil the pain

    As I have taught them to do

    And my mind only recieves

    Positive vibes

    Replaces the old with the new

    So once again

    The waves

    Float upon the rage of the sea

    Inside of me nobody knows

    Except for the Creator and me

    That at night I sing my silent blues

    And in the day time

    I replace anger with joy

    And become a leader by choice

    Although it's hidden in my voice

    The mysteries

    That I have no choice

    But to not focus on them

    The mysteries that still haunt me today

    That reveal to me unkind secrets

    Of a certain time and place

    I tend to keep it tucked away

    In my Silents Blues

    For another day

    Desert Storm
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    thank you

    for taking me on this journey
    called the "blues"

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    the near north
    the realities of the living...

    at one time or another, we all go through periods of heartfelt blues that consumes our world...prohibiting us from being who we are. given the masks we wear, our silent blues is just one other way of not allowing others to see who we are ... to get into our world ... to endure our pain ... our blues ... that we might walk that last mile ... alone.

    feeling ya.