Black Poetry : Signs

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
Signs them signs every where you look there's signs inside my mind

outside my window taking you places you need to take a hold of don't you see

like renting a car down by the nearby bar when you had far too much to drink

places that you need to grow fond of beide the lavender hue beside the sea

Draw close to me this minute we both can fondly agree come sit next to me

the drawn out smoke from the make believe begun the fence where grass is green

Temptress came clean by the parting fenced forth machine in the land of make believe

The castle so far away has suddenly been drawn forth near having shed a tear

barricades of rainbows cascading onto space in the wallowing chance to....

there can be danger up ahead the frequent fall out from the dead ring the bell from head

chemistry mix mash make believe fallen soldiers eating ice cream let out a scream

can you picture this dig if you will a courtyard oceans of violets of blue

mark the one who is willing to explore from the case onto so much more

pure Lenox tapestry much nice for two in dinner you see;

casuality across the ancient catastrophe

through fingers both willing to achieve,

through the chord of Page & Plant...

is it out of pure coicidence,

shower to lay a hold of the sign

Signs, signs & everywhere is signs...

taste the Nectar as it grows

Hearken onto remote control people all around

pray tell help me in cosmic make believe

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