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Sep 29, 2005
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The issue here is not Chinese "imperialism" in Africa.

Many Africans, especially South Africa, are seeking to develop stronger trade relation and EXPORTING African products to China and other Asian countries.

But there is something happening both in South Africa and China right now which I will attempt to explain soon.

Many of us here who talk about Africa and the need for repatriation, or Sankofa, etc are gonna find that unless we are willing to break totally from "westernization" then Africans will not take us any more serious than we take ourselves.

In these times of financial crisis, at home and in the Diaspora, we need to do some quick strategizing and a lot of networking because conditions have reached a critical mass, more than any of us perhaps are aware.
US Economic Meltdown

One us pharmaceuticals company, MedcoHealth, has experienced a decline it it's stock price by almost 50% this week alone.


"The US endured a brutal year in real estate in 2007. Not only did sales plunge, but the median price for homes sold dropped 1.3 percent to $219,000-the biggest year-over-year decline on record."
omowalejabali said:

What this articles fails to mention, so as not to scare us investors, is that the ENERGY CRISIS in South Africa is expected to extend until 2009 and perhaps 2011.

What this will result in is soaring gold prices affecting all world markets as a major source of not only gold, but materials such as uranium and plutonium production in south africa are grinding to a halt.

This will further complicate an energy crisis in countries such as China which is developing nuclear energy. It will also disrupt trade relations between south africa and china as well as other regions within Africa.


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