Black Spirituality Religion : SIGILS AND SUBCONSCIOUS

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    As the subconscious learns through IMAGES...I feel that any and everything SEEN can be considered a SIGIL..With 80% of our perception being input through the eyes this shouldnt be taken lightly.......
    If you look at your bank statement and your in the red..that can be a SIGIL of being broke....Get in your car...and your gas tank is on F despite the high gas prices you can use that as a sigil of PROSPERITY OR ABUNDANCE.....its all about the intent....and thats with magick period....

    But as far as sigils and the subconscous there is one thing that everyone should be weiry of....


    I personally believe that the television IS YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS while you are watching it......Of course those that control media knows the importance of sigils and its effect on the subconscious....I used to think that they put the networks logo on the screen so you knew what channel you were on.....But of course you know what channel you were changed to it!!!....and im sure most of us have cable or sateillite all you have to do is press info??......Which clearly shows the logos just chillin on the screen are there to impress their SIGIL onto your subconscious......Sigils are everywhere!

    = Eye of Horus enclosed in a circle

    Closed Caption??

    C is the third letter of the alphabet...which makes CC, what??
    33 degrees anyone, and I aint talking bout the tempature.........


    Trademark anyone??.....T is the 20th letter...and M is the 13th letter
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    yes yes, symbols rule the world....

    McDonalds = McAries = Symbol for Aries & Calcination (Alchemy).

    Mars rules Aries...In Astrology/Alchemy, Mars rules Toxins & Poisons...

    In Ayurveda,
    Mars rule Pitta Dosha = Martian dis-eases
    (arteriosclerosis, liver dysfunction, toxic buildup, etc...)

    but, Sigil Magick is very powerfull...

    i have had great success with Sigil Magick over the years :cook:

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