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    If you could see in me, what i see in you,
    You'd have no doubt about what you should do,
    If you could only picture what you are to me,
    You'd never question where you should be.
    If you knew the truth, everything in my heart,
    It would kill you for us to be apart.

    If you felt what i feel when you're inside
    Heaven couldnt compare to what you provide
    If you had my eyes, my lips, my hands
    You would see and know and want no other man
    If you could taste your wine the way that i do,
    Every other pleasure on earth would mean NOTHING to you.
    If you could feel your arms and smell your scent,
    You'd enter a paradise where none have went.
    If you had my ears to hear your rhymes, your words,
    All other voices and sounds would be absurd.
    If you could be in my mind and know yourself like i do-
    You would see and understand why God created you.

    If the world could see how beautiful you are to me,
    You'd be envied by every creature from the sky to the sea.
    If the universe could fathom, to me, how awesome you are,
    There would be disquiet on the planets and anger amongst the stars.
    Galaxies, comets, and constellations,
    Would demand of God to make them equal to your creation.
    If existence itself could imagine you through me,
    It would crash to a halt. not even the air would breathe.

    If you could see me with unadulterated eyes
    You would see throught the complexities, see through the contrived,
    You would remember all of the past, see beyond what's now,
    If you could read my mind, you'd bypass time, and see how our future plays out
    If you could touch me with sinless hands
    You would feel how delicate, how soft, i actually am
    Under my skin but beyond the flesh-
    You would find that even jades once were fresh
    If you could sift through my memory, feeling, and thought,
    Experience the exquisite joys and pains you've wrought,
    If you could grasp my tenacity, or share my inspiration,
    If you could tap into my spirit and move through creation,
    If you could pray my prayers and get what i've received,
    You would know why I know we ARE supposed to be

    If you could think of me with unpredjudiced vision
    If you could hear every thought every minute i'm livin
    And know every motive and see all my choices
    If you could just LISTEN TO ME with no biased inner voices
    Then you would see- unequivocally-
    How long i've chosen you, even over me,
    How when it comes to YOU ALONE, i've chosen selflessly!
    Even when i knew it would hurt. even when that hurt came crashin.
    You'd feel me feelin you strong as ever, never losing passion.

    If only you could see me through a million different eyes...
    The girl who cries,
    The coward who hides,
    The fighter who survives,
    The woman who always tries...
    The teenager who was insecure,
    The mistake whose intention was always pure,
    The goddess who learned of God and is never unsure,
    The warrior at your side ready for any war...

    If you could see me as i am, if you could see my truth,
    Nothing on earth could stop you from knowing what to do!
    Because if you could see me, the way God intended you to,
    --aisiah l. williams 9/16/10

    (I have said everything i could say
    And done everything i can do
    If you dont believe
    Then go ahead and leave
    But i will always be in love with you.
    I'll respect your decision
    I'll even let you go
    But I can't keep waiting
    For you to understand.
    I want you to let me know.)

    ****Ms.Dy is back... it's been a looooong time, but I feel like I just came home! Missed you talented brothas & sistas!*********
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    wow this really spoke to me and welcome home !
    This the kinda thing i'm trying to get cross , Great write poeticly poetess
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    the near north
    a woman who knows how she feels

    if he still don't get it, it wasn't meant to be...coz you laid it all out, right here.

    nicely done