Black Short Stories : Siblings of the Clock

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    Siblings of the Clock

    As I stared at the black second hand rotate on the white face of the clock, I finally understood...

    The second hand was always traveling forward and never back. I wanted to call it a demon but it was more an automaton, moving round and round with no malevolence, only purpose. Never feeling anything but the desire to complete the never ending task of marking time in one second intervals. I imagine that if the second hand could talk, communicate in very simple terms, his response to all questions or statements would be, “Don't bother me, I'm busy”. We could argue, perhaps yell and scream, but we would never get more than, “Don't bother me, I'm busy” from him. But to be truly honest and though I hate to admit it, I begrudgingly respect this. To be so focus on one's purpose is purity. You are what we should all strive to be. Focused and never wavering from your purpose in life. Second hand, I admire you.

    The minute hand is the second hand's sly sister with movements slow enough that it is hard to even determine if she has moved at all even while watching her. She knows the impatience of mankind all too well. The minute hand dares you to watch her long enough to even see her move. You must trust that she is also as dedicated and focused on her responsibilities as her younger brother the second hand. To watch the minute hand for more than a minute is to walk the tightrope above the pit of madness. Second hand, I have faith in you.

    Always smaller than his 2 younger and impetuous siblings, the hour hand is the lord and master of the clock domain. In fact, there have been clocks made were he alone existed. He is king of his kind and can stand alone if need be. He knows that ultimately we measure time by the hour. His power is subtle but infinite. Though his movement is much slower than his sister the minute hand and glacial compared to his brother the second hand, he is nevertheless their uncontested ruler. Hour hand, I respect you.

    The three siblings of the clock. Always moving forward yet moving in a circle, never reaching a destination. Relentlessly measuring time at a precision that is we cannot ever hope to achieve. Regal, perhaps even royal in a fashion but ultimately slaves of time itself. As we all are.

    Vincent Stacy Henry 10/12
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    This is a great story. I love interpretation of each hand and their almost human characteristics...I hate the watching the minute hand, especially when I'm in a hurry for time to fly.
    Enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing.