Black Poetry : Shy (revised) EXTREME- TRUE STORY

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    Guess what Shy? I gonna make it-
    without you! You stay in my brain but I’m going to shake it!
    I let my eyes get a little misty while writing, but you won’t start me to breaking!

    You came into my life like a whirlwind.
    We put it down passionately then you took off again. (like no other)
    If you ever find yourself in the C.O., will you visit me Cheyenne?
    Will you come around my way?
    Will you make a pass, over my runway?
    Matter of fact, release your landing gear, make a touchdown and prepare to stay.
    I won’t entertain you with the thought of a love affair; we can just f*&k all day!
    You can spend my money all day!
    You say, “Jump”, I say “how high?”
    Girl you got me sprung; So much so that I might kiss the sky!

    Chick I had the upper hand.
    I had your # and never called.
    But every time I heard your voice I was ready to drop it all.
    You are calling me from way across town but I need you here.
    As I dawn my cape and mask call me you know who have no fear!
    Wherever you at…. I’ll be right there.
    You know what?
    Eff you Chey! I’m gonna make it without you have no doubt!
    You took me to the highest of heights but don’t think I can’t bail out!

    Chick I aint new to this! I’m gon call it like it is!
    I fed you. You got high. I stuck you.
    Yeah, I handled biz.

    How cold you be so cold-blooded?
    After moaning in my ear oouuu! I luv it!
    After sampling this d--k, you say “negroe I’m above it!”

    Girl I thought I had you in that tight squeeze.
    At the mention of my name, you’d be saying please.
    See here, this pimp in my mind already saw you on your knees.
    Then all of a sudden you up and leave…
    Before I had the chance to receive…
    The crown of your lips pressed upon my head..
    So fittingly for this king!

    This ain’t my heart on my sleeve.
    Just your name tattoed on my arm to be precise.
    Shy’s boy trying to get next to this Shy girl (baby twice!!!).
    If I can’t make my way into your shy world….
    I hear a Toni Braxton song. How can I, when will I breathe (*holding breathe*).
    Somewhere I must have went wrong.
    Shy I might not make it without you.

    Last time I saw you I called it quits.
    I got a strong desire for you, but I’m preparing myself to resist.
    If I could taste your lips for the last time;
    If I could place my hands on your hips, then we start our slow grind;
    I would not mind, for the last time, you let me hit that a__ from behind.
    Let me sip on your p%#$y juices which flow like fine wine.
    Sheeeeittt I bet that will make u mine!

    I’m just effing with you Shy. You would be the last one on my list.
    That drink you threw at my ride left me thoroughly pissed.
    With your middle finger, you sent an undeserved diss.
    Yeah I’m messed up right now. You got me looking all sis.
    Women in earshot whispering “Whatever the instrument, belt or thong… that negroe been p%#$y-whipped!!!!
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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I was feeling alot of feelings when i wrote this. Emptiness was definitely there. It was a good feeling to be able to put all feelings on paper. It was like putting a positive twist to a negative ending. True story, changed names to protect innocent. Received a few comments from other posts. not sure if responded in the right box. Apologize. new to this.

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    Scrupulous Poet:

    This joint had a little bit of this and
    a little bit of that. Isn't it amazing
    how just putting it in print makes
    you feel better. I'm glad you got that
    out. Now, you will mess it all up
    if you go back to her. lol
    Feelin' your pen!

    Much Luv,

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    BUSINESS owner
    Surely i can feel ya pain
    the sad notes and the shame
    how one came and claim
    set off to another aim
    but you took it all in stride
    worked it out wit self for da long ride
    now you can drop it on canvas
    to let da world know ya remaining

    I feel ya here this kinda take me back to a past affair we called love
    until da day came and it was all toss out the window into the neverland
    of a wild morrow what started out as a destroyer became a end happily

    Vent on !!!
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    Spreading Joy.... need some?
    Sixburgh, Pa.
    First let me say...

    :wave:Hello and welcome to Destee's Scrupulous Poet!

    I feel the struggle in your words, sometimes getting caught up can take some serious work getting loose. Thanks for joining and sharing with us!

  6. MRS. LADY


    Dec 3, 2007
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    to seek truth
    everywhere and nowhere

    Stop ya blood clot cryin
    Cause from the looks of things
    It appears ur the one dyin
    Stop tryin
    To act like u got swagga
    playa playa never gets pardoned
    u get dat *ussy dagga
    u really thought u had the upper hand
    why cause u a man

    truth be told
    you can call me bold
    bold enough to walk away
    cause sometimes when a good thing comes
    we fall victim to the games we play

    all that erotic talk, temptation
    becasue you wanna bust
    shish gets played real fast
    so get off my niggy nuts
    next time u wanna lust something
    i suggest you love my mind
    *uck all day, what
    didn't you see the line
    if u really wanna know who's doin who
    just ask urself who's nuts r blue

    forgot my name
    u made me wait
    as if u really put it down
    so don't act all choked up
    go home
    to shorty and keep her down

    last that's funny
    you know you waiting for that call
    stuntin and fruntin beggin for it
    no different then them all

    easy *** men
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    Mrs. Lady I feel your heat...and please express yourself. Yet I feel the heat you're bringing is truly misdirected. The poems "Shy" and "I'm trying to get at cha" were both written a few years back. WHAT IF i had to go through a "Shy" to prepare myself for "I'm trying to get at cha"? Bottom line is people change. Not all "dogs" stay "dogs". Hate me for being a playa in my 20's. Then Love me for being a well-rounded, commited lover in my30's. At the time these poems were both a source of pleasure and pain. I posted them online just to share and entertain.