Black Poetry : Shy Is Bold (fore myself)

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    Shy is new,

    you said we could lip kiss once every day,
    you said we could smooch twice every day,
    you said we could lay together on big pillows,
    warm bodies without sex forever,
    we know our compassionate silence is most,
    we feel tenderized soaked and snorring,
    you always entangle our toes jammed,
    we manage to zig zag throughout rest,
    ending up awaken in different positions,
    that is what you said afterwards,
    before then i felt you move under covers,
    behind me you hug tightly,
    with one thigh over my thigh,
    tugging on my ear with your teeth softly,
    always telling me our secret words,
    i be acting sleep and loving the realness,
    as your truth pressed gently along my back,
    with your hand on my stomach doing swirls,
    we can't go no further than that,
    or risk everything we built of a new,
    cause we know what was done before,
    even though we never did,
    so will it be new as a fool,
    or wiser without eyes?

    Bolder in disguise.