Black Poetry : Shut The Doors

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    Shut The Doors

    Thrill over lace, let it fill the space in my heart
    Reside home, pride alone make me smooch after dark
    Hold a rhyme position to scold and blind with friction in
    Battle by choice I saddle a horse like the Lone Ranger been
    Riding Silver the name of my pony cowboys no stranger then
    Seize threads and squeeze heads just to maintain control over
    Whackness the lame need practice for combat a bold soldier
    Popular and unique use binoculars in the streets to get a better
    View of thugs approaching, in HIPHOP able to learn clever
    Write a stable and firm letter to CEO’S went bold and fixed
    Tent poles in the ground then camp out to revamp clout remix
    Verses, then use thumb tack to pin the dumb and whack to
    Bulletin boards and now pulling Fords back to reality being true
    In the trunk a musket unique and got bucket seats in a Mustang
    Four on the floor with an overdrvive it’s fast yall trust me dang
    Burn do-nuts on the pave my flow corrupt and brave I talk slang
    My vocab is in the lab so I make chemicals and meet fake criminals
    And I immediately become Scarface on a bizaare pace in general
    For yall to meet my little friend, use psychology alert but use
    Biology to convert living organisms, giving rhythm to truths