Black Poetry : Shug Knight & The Rap Torn Apocalypse

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    the water lies beneath a brook under a bridge
    their are frogs under the embankment
    among the marsh there’s a sloppy mess
    twisted chords of ivory line the trussle
    i stand alone frightened but yet alive intact
    this is the dream I had among fallen elf drop soup bowls
    filled with the residue of cheddar in its taste

    as we listen close to the river we stand still & deliver
    Poindexter the black cat comes out in heat to neck
    reflections in the pale woman with a shawl
    bristled in her hair and in the lining of her teeth

    Shug Knight & The Rap Torn Apocalypse

    Here’s a little story that needs to be heard
    about an old couple who lived in the hood
    firecrackers blazing outside there window pane
    folks had insisted the couple was insane
    take heed to the reader as best as you can
    the old Oscar man had a definite plan
    fine capabilities blown up in desire
    would play his Sly & Family Stone song, “Want to take you higher”:.
    his wife was a clean freak wanted everything neat & tidy
    at night the old man used to show her his hyney
    nothing phony when they were both broke with no money
    they made a journey to O.T.B trying to get the honey
    in time they would both shine like an ivory tower
    busting moves even if they had a hip replacement
    yet this story gets deeper then ever before
    when in a drive by the struck old man Oscar in the left eye
    now they must confess that some of life was a great test
    they then spent most of their time huddled inside
    no more painting the town and shooting pool
    they lived by a different type of rule
    folks we need to take it all in let me begin

    yesterday was such a simple game they used to play
    awe but then let’s face it its easier today
    you can always occupy your time with a fine wine, dine & sixty nine
    kick it to the curb as if you have heard
    those sensational voices with choices
    never did the old couple grow apart
    even when the old man let out a fart
    it was a brand new start when he got shot
    made that homeboy think a lot
    invested his time with love seeking a new vibration
    together they both his the golden age of 100
    it isn’t any wonder all those sweet thoughts that they discovered
    many folks today like to work undercover rather then to discover
    love was the essence of their meager existence let’s learn to shun each resistance
    at every circumstance we can all learn to take part in the dance
    with second chances that your higher power advances
    so the moral of the story is love in a song
    it advanced Rodney King’s philosophy, “Can’t we all just get along” ?
    Like Slick Rick I like to tell a nice story so why I even worry.

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