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    Mikyia mo (Greetings),

    The above image is of the Abosom (Deities) Shu and Tefnut. Below is an excerpt from a discussion we were having on another forum awhile back. Note that Shu and Tefnut are the origin of Shiva and Shakti. Shu and Tefnut are also called 'Shu-ti' or the 'Two Shu'. Tefnut is called 'Shu.t'

    Linguistically, the letters 'w', 'v' and 'u' interchange. This interchange can be seen in various languages. This is how Shu became Shv (Shiva). Shu as Shiva was originally worshiped by the Dravidians. The invading aryans had no knowledge of Shiva prior to their invasions. This is why there is no etymological root for Shiva in aryan-sanskrit. This is also why Shiva is not mentioned in the vedas. The Tamil (Dravidian language) root 'shiva' meaning 'reddened' or 'angry' is a reference to the fire of Shu/Shut.


    Shu and Tefnut

    "....Shu and Tefnut govern expansion and contraction in the air, in breathing. They can be found in your lungs. They are inside of the fire (shu also means fire in Kamit and in Twi-Akan (hyew). Shu also means feather). Air (represented by the feather) fans the flames of fire. This happens in nature and within your body and spirit. Shu and Tefnut can be found in the expansion and contraction of water as well. Indeed, the expansion and contraction (beating) of the heart would not be possible without Shu and Tefnut. Together They are sometimes called Shu-ti, meaning the Two Shu.

    One of the stories related to Tefnut is referred to as the 'Distant Goddess'. In a rage, Tefnut leaves Kamit for Keneset (Nubia) taking all of the water and moisture with Her. The land became dry and the country and people were suffering. Ra sent Shu to encourage Tefnut to come back to Kamit. As Tefnut returned, She brought the water with Her (inundation). As She passed through each town/village there was great rejoicing. The union of Shu and Tefnut brings balance and rejoicing to the world/body/spirit---fire and water (so-called union of shiva and shakti).

    Uatchet and Nekhebet are the powers surrounding the Solar energy. Look at Oya as you mentioned and also Aveji Da in Vodoun. When you see the serpent surrounding the Solar disk, you are often looking at Uatchet and Nekhebet. The Solar energy at its root is stellar (the Aten/Sun is a star). The basis of the stellar/solar energy is Ra/Rait. However, the Fire is surrounded by the Magnetic (Psychic) Powers. Look at information regarding the Magnetosphere and magnetic field of Earth. On an individual level, you can place two magnets on a table with the same polarities facing each other. If you move the magnets towards one another, the same polarities will repel each other. Through regulation of Shu-Tefnut's force (expansion and contraction through the breath) one can direct his/her magnetic field. Uatchet and Nekhebet can then repel unwanted vibrations/projections from you. They have kara (shrines) in the temples (head) of the body...."
    It should be mentioned that for those who may point out that Shiva is inferred to be Rudra in the vedas, understand that one of the titles of Shu and Tefnut is Ruruta in the metutu (hieroglyphs). They are shown as Two Lion/Lioness Abosom in this rendering. The term 'ru' means 'lion' in Kamit. It is often stated that the etymology of the name rudra is uncertain, and may mean the 'roarer'. The reality is that Shu and Tefnut as Ruruta, Lion/Lioness are 'Roarers'.