Black Spirituality Religion : Shroud of Turin - Evidence or Misinformation?

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    The cloth has been discovered and been the premise of an archaeological relation between past events and what some attempt to interpret what they see.

    The Shroud of Turin

    With my naked eye in just using context and visual reasoning, seems to be Da Vinci was experimenting with light sources and how they could capture images, below the surface of the body.

    Essentially, an x-ray system or the first attempt at photography.

    Could this be Da Vinci simply attempting to capture himself with an illuminated image by way of intense light emission?

    The 80’s were buzzing with Shroud related news as more and more data flowed in supporting the cloth’s possible authenticity. If proven to be real, the implication would be enormous. Is it possible that a document of the Passion still exists? Would this not be comparable to making the greatest archaeological discovery in history? One scientist speculated and said maybe it was, “a love letter left behind for the analytical mind.”

    But hopes were soon dashed in 1988 when the cloth was carbon dated by three laboratories in Zurich, Oxford and Arizona. They came back with a date range of 1260 to 1390 declaring the cloth only 600-700 years old. So much for the Shroud being authentic. The New York Times announced that the Shroud was a fake, end of story.

    (Da Vinci - 1400s-1500s)

    Those suggesting this to be a "fake", would probably be better served to claim that this is simply misinformation... if the dating of this is credited to dates closer to the era in which Da Vinci lived.
    Not to mention, both Da Vinci and the shroud shared the same locale, Italy.


    Looking at the four bright areas, have the look of a filament or lamp structure with two feet on each


    Compare these images to TSA Airport Scanner images as well, along with how CT scanners function, not to mention early versions of the X-Ray machine...

    These are just thoughts, feel free to comment