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    Pan African Orthodox Christian Church
    Detroit – Atlanta – Houston – Calhoun Falls

    7625 Linwood Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48206

    960 R.D. Abernathy Boulevard
    Atlanta, GA 30310

    5317 M.L. King Jr. Boulevard
    Houston, TX 77021

    Beulah Land Farm Drive
    (3065 Highway 81 North)
    Calhoun Falls, SC 29628

    Worship Services begin each Sunday at 11:15 AM

    The covenant laws of God represent a means to govern self and
    a way of life that guarantees the success of every Christian, their family,
    and their community. Through a covenant relationship with God
    and our Church, a community of faith living our lives based on Jesus'
    example and the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
    we can lead you to the experience of God.

    We offer you a bible based and Afro-centric worship experience that
    ministers to your immediate needs and communal nature.
    We believe that the salvation that Jesus offers is total,
    and encompasses all realms of life to include your
    spiritual/emotional, socio-political, and educational development.
    Therefore our teachings minister to the entire
    person, mind, body, and spirit!


    The Shrine of the Black Madonna™ of the Pan African Orthodox Christian Church (PAOCC), formally known as The Central Congregational Church was founded in 1953 in Detroit, Michigan by Reverend Albert B. Cleage Jr. (Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman). The PAOCC began its mission as a socially conscious, religious institution. For more than 50 years, the PAOCC has provided and continues to provide the theological, philosophical, and programmatic foundation to build "institutional power" for Black People. We are committed to transforming the spiritual emptiness, economic powerlessness and social disorganization that plagues the Black community.

    The Pan African Orthodox Christian Church under its current leader and second Holy Patriarch, Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi, continues to be an alternative to those who seek the truth of Christian ethics. Our church gives people who want to live the life that Jesus talked about a real opportunity to do so. The truth is that Jesus taught us communal love and the intrinsic value of all creation. In the world we live in we can no longer afford to accept or be part of a Christianity that entertains and stimulates while leading us to escape the realities of suffering people. The science of KUA which our church has rediscovered, allows our members to transcend the boundaries of social deprivation and experience God in many cases for the first time.

    We alleviate the stress of daily life by engaging in the practice of communalism, sharing in the labor of life, giving as we are able and receiving as we have need. Though we live and work in the world we are not of the world. Our minds have been trained as Jesus said to “Overcome the World.” Where others teach an integrative approach to dealing with society, we teach a liberating approach to life that enables you to maintain dignity, self respect, and self esteem in a world which would exploit you. You deserve the opportunity to experience the difference that the PAOCC offers. Make the decision today to visit and fellowship with us.