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    In The Name Of Allah,
    Lord of All Thee Worlds…

    “Know & Understand…”

    It was pouring down rain, and every now and then thunder would make its presences known. It was Parliament (April, 15,099) Sunday, in Allah’s Garden. Approximately knowledge, Power Brothers, one Earths and equality quest gathered as the Mathematics of such a day( Wisdom, Build/Destroy) along with the theme of the Month( Who are the 85%? ) was built upon unceasingly. Into the culture/freedom hour (Nation Bus. Time) the thought and idea of maybe organizing and hosting a Show and prove here in Allah’s Garden, in 15,100(2014) was discharged into the ears of the cipher. Upon doing so, one N.G.E. member, inquired, What’s the purpose of such?(Why?) Considering one of the many obligations of the true representatives of N.G.E.( *Showing & Proving!!! ), I made knowledge born. In doing the knowledge to such a inquiry, and considering such in more ways than one, I realized that such a inquiry is not only valid, but as well conceived by many. So, I was inspired and compel to manifest this degree of understanding, in hopes that Understanding will be Understood? Know this! Understand this!; It should be UNDERSTOOD, it MUST be UNDERSTOOD, that SHOWING AND PROVING is done, and should be done, each and every day, in each and every way. Now, Before I manifest another thought, idea or build, allow me to reflect upon understanding vital points of concern, which are not only true, but applicable today, yesterday, tomorrow, as well each and every day that follows;
    1st. 97….. 37. Why does the devil teach the 85% that God is a righteous, unseen being that exist everywhere? Ans. Allah is God, in heavens above and the earth below. He is just and true and there is no unrighteous in him. For he is not unseen, but seen and heard everywhere, for he is the all eye seeing.
    2nd. 98…… 38. Then, why did God make devil? Ans. To show forth and prove his powers, that he is all wise and righteous, and that he could make a devil, which is weak and wicked, give him the powers to rule the Earth for 6,000 years, and return in one day and destroy the devil without failing victim to the devil civilization. Otherwise showing forth and proving that Allah is God always has been and always will be.
    And last, but least, thirdly; In 1971, the Gods and Earths came alive as a Nation. They selected representatives to attend international events at the United Nations; We started teaching Black youth in other states; We started math, science, sewing and first aid classes in many parts of the city; Gods began teaching at Harlem Prep and representing the school at science seminars; they instituted the Nation’s annual “Show & Prove”, which is an educational and scientific display of their progress in continuing Allah’s work ( Held each year in the month of June; to commemorate the date that he, Allah, was killed. ); they instituted an economic program called, “Build The Builders.”
    Now, keeping such in constant mind, I strongly know and understand, that “WHY?” is addressed, but I MUST build further. Knowing and understanding, that Showing and proving is not just a designated day, specific occasion nor a special place, rather a daily and unceasing obligation of he or her who claims affiliation to the Nation of Gods & Earths!!! One MUST also be forever mindful and careful of getting caught up in traditions, lore and dogmatism. The propaganda/B.S. that misrepresents and discredits who and what we truly are. I knowledge, understand and respect what those before us have established, done and doing, but what the Nation of God’s and Earths are striving to do today, and have done, as well what we suppose to be doing, is not to delete, exempt nor erase what those before us have done, did and established. Rather to add(Build) to, which is what we the constituents of the Nation of Gods and Earths do, or at least suppose to be doing. Know and Understand, never, ever forget, for sure, ”Many shall come, but only few shall be chosen.” As, “….those who are chosen , would surely choose themselves.” Counting the jive pretenders( Frauds & Dirts a.k.a. Said God’s as well Said Earth’s ) there are more Nation of Gods and Earths participants( i.e. inactive , active, proclaimers,, etc… ) than ever, which is verifiable and provable through countless areas throughout the entire Earth. Which is why a Show and Prove is constantly in effect and not just the second week of June. The Show and Prove, to my understanding, was established and is still to this day carried out and observed annually to let various know and hopefully understand that you may have confiscated the physical life of the Father, but be you know it or not, be you agree or disagree, like it or not, ALLAH is INDESTRUCTABLE!!! Which is why, after more than 4 decades, the Nation of God’s & Earth’s are at their highest peek, and constantly elevating, expanding and multiplying. This is all about SHOWING and PROVING!!! One building, One day or, One destination could never facilitate such an obligation!!! You Brothers , Sisters, as well you so-called Brothers and so-called Sisters, it’s been the time for us to build on, show and prove more--- Correct me if I am wrong?, for that is what N.G.E. do!!! If you have a problem with Showing and Proving on a GREATER level, then MOVE OUT THE WAY!!! Let the TRUE and LIVING do what we do( SHOW & PROVE!!! ) So many of us, don’t know or forget that the one thing that is constant, is CHANGE!!! And when one takes the GREAT? and manifests GREATER!!! That is not only change, but as well Building, adding on, that which we should do, and suppose to do. ANYONE who has any opposition or objections to SHOW And PROVE outside of Now Why(New York), then I strongly suggest, and greatly advise you to do the knowledge to not just my build in the form of this lesson but as well the understanding builds I established in the beginning of this build( i.e. Allahs Truth(120), The Bomb, etc…). In my history of N.G.E. I have witness countless of individuals who limit the devils to culture(4), restrict the Original woman to equality(6), determine Allah to born, born(99 Attributes…) and themselves stuck at wisdom(2), when such is so far from the truth!!! Honoring and regarding the Nation’s Annual Show And Prove is Peace!!! To definite it to a specific time, area or building is NOT Peace! Another build to know, understand and keep forever in mind, comes from the Supreme Alphabets of our teachings, the knowledge, culture/freedom degree( 14. N – Now, Nation or End… ), which reveals that Now being a reference or designated point of time, ,as Nation being the avocation, or aiding of the cause of group or society of specific beings for one common cause. End being the act or process of ceasing something or someone from doing or existing. Supreme compounded, Now is the time for the Nation of God’s and Earth’s to put a end to the limited thinking, restricted doings and traditional practicing, the dogma and B.S! that is and has been allowed to exit in our Nation, or teaching, TOO LONG!!! Now, is not only the time, but as well it’s 15,099!(2013!) If you or anyone is still doing, still building, still so-called showing and proving the same way you have been since the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, then you have wasted more than understanding, cipher years!!! Wasting is neither building , nor destroying, thought waste is not 100% negative, for waste as well as negative has its place. In this instance, Waste is what we don’t do , nor do we want to do, and by doing the knowledge to the actions, as well the results, we can make sure we do not waste further.
    In my conclusion, allow me to add that a SHOW AND PROVE in Now Cee(North Carolina), Savior-Cee(South Carolina), Allah’s Garden(Atlanta), C-Medina(Chicago), Sudan(Texas), D-Mecca(Detriot), etc…. is A True And Greater Show and prove that despite the devils endless efforts before, and after their murdering of the Father Allah, that the Nation of God’s And Earth’s has always been here, and will forever remain here GREAT, constantly getting GREATER, focusing on the GREATEST!!! Hence, I fast and prayer that you know, understand, and understanding is understood.
    *Note: In NO Way!!! Are these Show & Proves outside of Now Why, to replace, eliminate or deprive the Show & Prove in Now Why---Never That!!! Rather, they are here to enhance and fulfill the true intent and purpose of implementing such Show & Prove, back in 15,057(1971). This is what we have done(Show & Prove!), this what we should and suppose to be doing(Show & Prove!), this is what we the true and living DO!!!(Show & Prove!!!) So if you have not been Showing and Proving I advise you to commence!!! If you have been Showing and Proving, then all I can say is understanding things: 1. Show & Prove ON!!!, 2. Thank-You!!! And 3. “ PEACE!!!”

    Made Manifest By; Application Latik Seymou Allah…(15,099)
    Power. Savior. – Know & Understand that as I always make born, I AM NOT FB admirer, though I utilize such to the best of my ability, and then I am OUT!!! So if you, or anyone has a build to my build, feel free to utilize my math(#Four,zero,four,two,seven,one,five,zero, one, one…). I would love to build with you, and respect hearing from you or who ever. Again, Peace!
    Proper Education Always Corrects Errors!!!(Peace!!!)