Black Poetry : shoutouts


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Mar 22, 2005
show you have no doubts
so shout out to radical faith
keeping young minds safe
shout out to jamesmfrphilly
for making me laugh sill
shoutout to rich
for showing me this game stitch by stitch
shout out to bilatinapoet
I can giver her bad cookies and she wouldnt know it
shout out to poetic manifesta
no one knows froggy style except me better
shout out to watzinaname for recgonizing game
shout out to cedric denson
for keepin thoughts running like cedrc benson
shout out to panafrica
for dropping knowledge from where he is to california
and last but not least
the beginner of this feast
shout out to destee
without her we wouldnt be here on this site see?


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Mar 21, 2001
shout out to froggy
who come through
when it's foggy lyrically
droppin poetry u see ...

big up to ya bruh !
this was very nice.

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