Poetry Critiques : Should you care or do you chose to ignore( not a poetic write)


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Jun 19, 2005
I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
working to own my plus size empire.....
Now I am a realist why because I am the realistic person you could ever meet
Now I got somethings on my narrow wide chest
That needs to be spoken
This year has been nothing but a backward year
a year of no
war increase
hunger increased
homelessness increased
jobs are scarce
and the price of gas is more than I care to pay for
They say is America the beautiful
Our men and fine woman that go to war and lose their life over
this great Country
Now I know your about to be blown with what I about to say
Ladies and gentlemen we are sending babies to war not grown men
Our babies are dying for a war that God does not advocate
We have corruption behind every government affiliation thats out there
Tell me my sista and brother what are we really fighting for
I think this year for me has been about get by instead of
This christmas so many families have nothing to give but remember gifts aren't that important
What's important that you have the necessitites in life such as food and shelter
I know familes that have been throwed out in the streets just so that a major developer can increase their property
Tell me is that right
Healthcare taking another cut
What is it going to take America for us to take heed
People are dying on this homeland because we pretend we don't have the resources to help the needy
I guess they are saying less people we have to feed or see about
If you don't think thats the case then go seek some help and see won't the door be closed to your needs
This presidential election we have two hopefuls
Black president and a woman
Now I will say this race shouldn't be your main concern your concern should be on the qualifications
My vote is leaning more toward the Woman
Man you have had it so long and now it is time for a Woman to come in clean house
And I believe that is why man is scrambling like field mice because they know a woman will get the job done right
Think about it
Health care will be for all
Housing will be affordable for all
More jobs will be created
And the increase of crime will probably be down
Because you would have given man a chance to make a decent living
Don't you think they won't to make a honest living
But what must you do if your being rejected
even tho you have a education
I think I heard the chief say one time America was on track
on whose track
Where Im from everything off track
So I ask my sisters and brothers which side will you choose
Do we chose to keep struggling or do we chose to see a better tomorrow
for our kids and their kids
I chose to stand for the truth
Should you care or do you chose to ignore..................:
I Don't Care About America

Land of the free...
Home of the brave...
Dirty money is
"The American Way"

Nothing good comes from dirty money
Money is the root of all evil
Money has corrupted America
And money has corrupted my people

Home of the brave is home of the slave..
so how can I be free
When I feel that even the NAACP and Al Sharp
don't give 2 cents about me..

You want me to care bout global warming...
well I gotta feed my son
I didn't mess up this Coutry..
don't know how to undo what's been done

Spend my doe for Christmas..
nah, I'm heating up my home
Cause I had a man and he left me here
and I gotta do this on my own..

So what do I care about ....
I care about us first...
Black people.. my people
becasue we have always had it the worst!

So I will rise up..
meet with soldiers figure out how to help the Jenna Six..

So I will rise up..
talk to my sistah's and bothah's say our families need to be fixed

So I will rise up.. and say real bold..
America is not for me..
And the day I realized I'm fighting for us not them
is the day I was set free....

America.. America...
will always leave you scared...
So I don't put my faith in American or it's men...

I only put my faith in God......

And who is God... yea, he is the light.. he also is "I AM"
and "I AM" hiphop... HipHop rules.....

I know there's a few "soldiers" out there who understand!


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