Black People : Should We Allow the N Word to Be Used Here? Why or Why Not? Vote in the Poll Please.

Should We Allow the N Word to Be Used Here?

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Feb 9, 2001
I guess I really asked for that. If I knew you personally I would say you took my general statement as an insult but the damage was obviously already done so I'll just say it to myself that since I don't know her my comment was a general statement and not in a possible way directed at her as a personal insult, slight, attack or whatever or however she chose to take it.
It's all good. What you said didn't offend me. I just felt the need to describe myself to you better so you would know I wasn't born last night and in the dark. But, I put myself through constant self-therapy every day. I know I still have a lot to learn and there are things about me that I do want to change, with the goal of becoming a better person. It takes a lot of work though, and I admit there are certain triggers that set me off but thankfully, not too often. I just believe, there are times when things happen, that a person like me, with my imperfections, can do some good, just as I am.



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Dec 28, 2011
As a white man, I applaud your decision not to allow the word to be used in this forum.
As has been pointed out, today the word has no redeeming social value: it is a pejorative used to consign an entire group of people to an inferior, "less than us" status, and is a prime hate word.
I am a middle class, educated person, as are most of my friends and acquaintances, and the word is never used amongst us. Nor has it ever been, in my circles.
In my opinion, and I may be wrong, the only thing keeping this word alive is it's use by the African American community (it's use by white trash aside) in their music and casual conversation.
Elimination of this word from the language (allowing it to die out from disuse) would remove one more bump on the road to a society where race would not be a determining factor in any meaningful endeavor.


Jul 2, 2003
I left BET Chat in 2003 .. found Destee and been here as my only online chat place.
The words and things there were unfiltered.
Constantly trying to dialogue with stupidity in an online forum is fruitless.
The word is only used to debase, and actually when we use it we are debasing ourselves.
It really has no place in intelligent conversation.

If this word makes a person feel the rhetoric they speak is stronger.
That is something that needs to be re-thought. Doing so is on them.
If the word is a key in the vocabulary. Then the limitations of the vocab needs reexamining. This too is on each individual.

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