Chief Elder Osiris : Should The Reparation Movement Be Dominated By Any Particular Group ?

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    Hoteph My Dear Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Dearly beloved here is the dilemma the Issue of Reparation now find itself
    in, and it is a situation that is not a stranger to the behavior and action
    generated by us, toward issues that have a particular flavor of
    Blackness,which Reparation most certainly has.

    It is common behavior among the AfroDescendants in america, to choose
    buddy's over integrity when it come to issues that has a profound meaning to
    Black People and it happen that the issue of Reparation is an issue that
    transcend the buddy concept and must bow to the all encompass of Black
    Unity, regardless of how varied our opinion might be, regarding Reparation,
    its form and use it should materialize into, for the AfroDescendants in the
    Diaspora and in particular the USA.

    There is not one Reparation organization that has more right to the
    Reparation Cause than the other and until we move away from the attitude
    that we do, I am here to tell you that Reparation will escape us and the
    only thing we will have to blame is our foolish Ego and Jealousy, that flow
    from one organization of certain type to the other.

    No, my dear beloved, not until we are able to see with our inner-vision and
    act with a single of mind, in regard to Reparation, only until then, we
    will continue going around the country pretending to have a corner on
    Reparation and it is such pretending that divide us on the most dynamic and
    charismatic Issue to ever Represent the Liberation of the Carbon Nation, not
    since the last act of Reunification of the Carbon African Nation.

    We will not be able to adequately represent Reparation as it should be
    represented, until we understand its divinity and how sacred it is and that
    require a Spiritual rejuvenation of the AfroDescendants in the Diaspora.

    Yes, you may take it or leave it alone and I ask not for support or
    agreement of what I say in this regard, because the Truth transcend all
    fakery , foolishness and Capitalist Hunger, as it lock hand with Justice,
    Peace, Independence and Liberation, which serve as those attributes of

    Complete Love To The Carbon African Nation

    It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth !!!

    Chief Elder
    African Spiritualist