Chief Elder Osiris : Should Religious Belief Be A Sanctuary Of Personal privilege and Safety?

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    Should Religious Belief Be A Sanctuary Of Personal privilege and Safety?

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    There Is Much More Where This Come From

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    Beloved, for once and for all, let us deal with this notion that one’s belief is a personal privilege and is nobody else business, and that such a personal privilege only effect the believer and nobody else.

    so I ask, should religion be exempt from criticism, and when it is not, then the notion is that you are invading somebody mental space of personal privilege.

    Well that may sound personal and dramatic, but is not practical, because of religion reputation of invading nations right of privilege to accept or reject, and based upon the history of religion, it has a very evil and bloody past action of invasion upon other Nations, one in particular is the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    So, any institution that take it upon its action to declare that it better serve the people over the people having the ability to know what is best for them, when God is the major concern, and such an institution with such a reputation, is the creator of religion, and has founded it necessary to impose such a belief in God upon the world, and the Black World in particular.

    It is our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors who knew what God is, before the coming of religion, so Black people are not a religious people of origin, but of acquisition.

    So it is religion that now dominate the mind of the Black so call Afrikan, and because of that fact, it have the Black so call religious believers to be fair game of being revealed to be the enemy that they are to the Black world.

    Evil has no privilege of sanctuary for safety, it must be identified and attacked every where it raise its ugly belief system, because a religious belief system serve as a weapon of mass destruction to a society that has lost its Divine Mind.

    So, those of us who are on the hunt for our Divine Mind and has discovered the mental path that will lead us to our Mental stability in the way of being qualified to recognize the Divine Truth, and now is aware of the evil Religion has done to an entire Black Nation, such A Divine Mind in recovery has an obligation to reveal the evil that religion has done and is doing to the Black so call Afrikan Nation.

    There can be no Black Afrikan salvation without first defeating the very entity that is responsible for taking advantage of the sanctity of Divinity, and to do so, it is when the evil of religion was being liken to taking candy from a baby and replacing it with the imitation of the like of, looking like the candy but does not have the same soothing effect in providing mental harmony, order, and balance, when using reason and being rational and logical in the use of the Mind process.

    So, to the baby the original candy (Mind) had been disrespected and replaced, and now the baby is all fidgety and uneasy with the second hand candy (mind) now is deceiving it, and you do not know why?

    Divine Spirituality is deserving to be revealed, even in the presence of the evil of religious belief, and what have religion to be evil?

    Well, it is that which give cause to its believer to have faith and hope in a lie, and liars are thieves and it is religion that is used to steal all that the Divine Mind had caused the Black Body life to be qualified to had accomplished, and today, the Black so call Afrikan is considered to have never accomplished anything deserving of respect.

    So today, the Black so call Afrikans, most of us, are being used to peddle a religion, it having a reputation and experience of abusing the mind and body of Black so call Afrikan people, and do so with such ignorant arrogance.

    So, any worthwhile Afrikan will not be a party to an institution that has a history of destroying the Black Afrikan Nation, that institution being religion.

    Yet, here most of us Black people are, running interference for Lucifer Religion and take it to be an unworthy of a revelation when some one come alone that have the Divine Truth to share about religion, tey do so because of their reorganization of Lucifer way of believing, to the reconstructing of our original way of Thinking, which require for us to have reclaimed the Divine Mind that we came to this planet with, which is with a Divine knowledge of that which is Divinely True and Real, such information does not come from a religious mind.

    We Black people talk about so many problems that have been made to have the Black Body Life to be dysfunctional, but the one major thing that must be defeated before we can move on to protect ourselves from the many problems that have been placed in the life path of Black people, is none other than Religion, yet we have Lucifer Mind that have us acting to protect Lucifer creation, Religion.

    Religion is what maintain the confusion and division among Black people, even among various Black people believing religious groups, they who hold on to various components of Lucifer religion, they do not agree.

    So, it is Divine Truth that require for those who are in the know about Lucifer Religion and the danger it serve to the Black Nation, to share such Divine information.

    It is that Divine knowledge that deserves to be shared with Black people and they can do with it as they so are influenced to choose.

    Influenced choice and Divine Will is not in harmony with each other; Influence is available to belief while Divine Will is associated with Divine Thought.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved



    Chief Elder

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