Black Poetry : Should I wonder?


going above and beyond
Aug 20, 2010
Is it cotton or pollen
Both float through the air as it can
Call me crazy
For being fuzzy
Quickly it floats by you
Do you sneeze or chez for our ancestors clue
Call it what you may
Both live to produce a way
Easy does it you say
Them hard days in that field of say
Oh sounds to be coming slowly at the end
Cause there's alot to be fiend
Off the bull goes through the air filled with sunlight
Today not yet night
Tired it callapse each time in my frontal
Their beginnings seem to be ground food shuttle


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May 23, 2001
I imagined linen lint and pollen dust flying through the air as the bull took it's strong run toward a fiery sunset slipping behind rows of dark green pastures. It's good to read from you again.
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