African American History Culture : Should I thank the Slave Masters for Kidnapping Me?

Discussion in 'African American History Culture' started by medusanegrita, Mar 16, 2010.

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    All respects to Mother Africa.

    I've read Roots. I've seen the movie. It's probably one the closest depictions we will ever come to knowing what our lives were like before ventured through the middle passage and into slavery, especially for us who will never venture back to our mother home.

    But there is something else I been thinking about. Africa, many parts of it, had some despicable practices, many of which were steep in (what I consider to be) ignorant spiritual practices. One of these is killing off twins or one of the twins because it was thought of as bad luck to have twins (and Africa is ripe for twins I hear). There seems to be a pragmatism about it - twins produced twice the number of mouths of feed, and therefore killing one or both put less stress on the resources. Still... from a western standpoint, it's not a bad practice.

    Ofcourse female mutilation is decades old, probably centuries... and used control a girls sexuality.

    Scarring and ritualfication. Probably no more different than tattooing really, but seems like a lot of unnecessary pain.

    Sometimes I think to myself.. 'you know I really hate those ******** for kidnapping my ancestors and putting them through the crap they did and still put us through... but I can't deny that I'm glad I didn't have to go through some of the stuff my Afrikan ancestors did in Africa, and continue to do now.

    I'm an americanized afrikan, and I think Africa could do well with western knowledge and practices. If they are still doing some of these practices above, then there is a better way. If you know better, you do better... no matter where the knowledge comes from.
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    Sister ... if you think you should thank them, perhaps you should.

    The problem with this though, is that you won't probably find them here, causing most of them to miss out on your thank you talk.

    Go to the sites where they live ... and talk this talk ... thank them directly ... i'm sure they will greet you and your heartfelt gratitude with open arms.

    This is not the best place to thank white folk for enslaving our Ancestors, and if you're gonna do a thing, do your best.

    This thread is closed.

    Love You!


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