Black Relationships : should i tell the truth

I really don't dig this guy. Whether you've done things before or not, for him to keep pressing you to do something after you've said you don't want to do it he's acting crass. What part of "no" does he not understand?

That said, you know now to not pretend to be anything you're not just to make someone like you. Cuz see then it's not you they're liking. It's the person you are pretending to be--a person who doesn't even exist.

Don't beat yourself over the head over what you've done. Just start where you are. If this guy rejects you after you've told him the truth you haven't lost much. If he makes a big deal about the fact that you lied, take the punishment and move on. That's all you can do. But don't do it again.
as I stated in the other thread

'Oh, What a Tangled Web we weave when first we seek to deceive'
The tongue is such small member of the body but its deadly.. and could get you into alot.

You shouldn't ever have to find yourself in a situation that would cause you to lie to a man, boy or whomever.. Yes tell him the truth, cuz the web of lies will only become more intricate..

Don't do anything you don't want to do.. and avoid situations that would lead you to do anything you don't want to do .. plain and simple.
hi ...

just wanted to say people make mistakes ...

but i am defenatly not for a lie..

some people ....

a lot of people actualy these days....

keep a lie ...

and the horrable thing of all is that it doesnt make people move forward..

its when people keep a lie....

it makes them not move forward..
and other people to ..

for holding it down...

holding the truth...

that is why i always try to be honest about my feelings ..

even if that makes me look dum or stoopid ...
or to soft or whatever..

good luck..

set yourself free..

you can do it with the lord..



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