Black Spirituality Religion : should any spiritual leader b wealthy?

Sorry Deacs -- It is always a red flag to me when there are questions. Take a little time to do your research by beginning here:


I already did, and you deflected from answering the questions...

Religion is a business. Their business is selling spiritual ideals to those which subscribe... its nothing at this point with the origin of it, its what they are currently doing to entrench subscribers...

so again... answer the questions on the business practices of those within said religion instead of making a point as to where it came from... by now those should already know... and that is not the question asked to you
leader, iman, pastor, rabbi....whatever.

should ANY spiritual leader achieve great wealth from his following?
and by wealth i mean large house, private jet, luxury cars, etc.

Hell yeah, why not?

If people are naïve enough to subsidize a person's lifestyle for a service that they are being provided with, who cares?
is it really and should it be?

Yes, religion is the traditional bastardization of what is spiritually given. it takes the imperial philosophy and adds it to the spiritual.

The words of the Christ named Jesus was fine by itself, then you have this manipulative misogynistic bastard named Paul coming in with a 'dream', never being an apostle or anything, creating the semblance of what the church has become... he is no different than the leaders of both the Mormon and Jehovah Witness sects who simply had a dream or an idea of where the 'faith' should go.

and modern observance of it is nothing less than a business model which simply doesn't pay taxes to the state which they operate in. In modern times when literacy is not the issue, they cater to the lazy minded individuals which wish to learn of another's interpretation of the 'holy' and through free will, pay funds to that enterprise.

It should be about the word, it should be about the way of life, but that is not what people want, they want the fantasy painted by their words, so for that fantasy, the prey pays for it. and its only just, because its free will to do so.

what did they say about a rich man getting into heaven?

With heaven and hell being Greek creations... why would I worry about heaven? this land we are currently on is our heaven and hell, and the actions which we have makes those realities true.

Plus, when we are dealing with the business called religion... who is at fault that these leaders of industry are rich? Who is giving them their funds? Its not the Deity which is being praised, so who is supplying them with the riches? and we get upset of the snake oil salesmen for taking the money? nope... blame the people supplying their dream.


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