Black Spirituality Religion : should any spiritual leader b wealthy?


Tell me, is this charity? What is your defense of misusing what it is said in the bible, and the attitude that is shown here? Do you think there are any needy flock in his church that can use an helping hand?

I need no defense... I haven't misused any currency...

If you are foolish to give your money to the cause of one of them... its there fault. Plain and simple. The prosperity preachers gave them a message which they desperately sought, and in seeking this message, gave their monies to continue to hear this message... and now, the one providing this message is living well.. If they could use a helping hand, then its the fool in them for giving their hand away in the first place.

The world is not fair... never made to be fair... and will always remain unjust to some...

As I said, you are blaming the predator from doing what is within their nature of their business instead of blaming the prey for falling for the simpleton trap set for them.
This morning was my last day relaxing with my spouse at Myrtle Beach before I hit the road again... and I woke up at 0400 and my eye caught a televangelist on BET which was giving Psalm 91 anointing oil which replenishes the spirit and all the mystical stuff for a donation... now I watched this skeptically, with hilarity in my heart and mind, and dismissed him... but then I thought... there is some imbecile with their fingers dialing that number to send in their donation for it...

Do you think I should get emotional or better said... feel something because an idiot gives their riches away? A fool and his money will soon part...
Should I be angry or upset that these preachers are accumulating wealth? No, its not my faith so its not my place.. also, if those within that faith are falling for it, its their fault for their inherent weakness, for their desperation, for their illiterate interpretation, for their lack for vision to see the trap.
in a poor black area in philly the only new building is a huge church. there is a new S class benz parked out front every sunday.....
Blame those in your neighborhood for donating to the building fund of a church rather than the purchase of their neighborhood from those which fleece them.
I can see your point, Deacs, after all, I have never been foolish enough to give my money to any televangelists. I would rather donate my money to my own personal charity, the "broke Crow fund." LOL. But seriously, I would rather use my funds on my wife and myself, not give it away to some jacka$$ who is going to spend it on themselves. Yeah, they may be foolish for giving their money away, but that doesn't make the person who is taking advantage of their foolishness any less wrong.


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