Black Poetry : Shorty's persistence


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Apr 26, 2003
Home is where the heart is, but my heart isn't her
I notice her watching me
walking by me with her eyes locked on me
If I were single... the thingz I'd do
But I turn around b4 she brings me to do
something stupid out of lustful temptation
Losing love and dedication
from a 5 minute sensation
its not worth the pain nor the frustration
So I walk away without strain or hesitation
But she follows
callin out "excuse me" I hear the echo thru these hollow
hallways. So turn around say "yes" and swallow
She smiles and Im nervous like an act at the Apollo
Beads of sweat appear and she asks for my math-e-matics
she says "nice to meet u", reaches her hand out n Im scared to grab it
But I accept her greeting. I dont say much so the convo is a bit stagnant
thats when she asks for my number and gets curious about my status
shorty fyne like wine
but i gotta take my time
cuz she look like she ready to sell herself to me like an auction
So I sit up str8, smile, and say with caution
"im happily taken"
but i dont think its makin
a difference, cuz shorty starts shakin
her head
grabs a piece of paper and pen
writes down her number and then
slips it into my pocket
i take it out n drop it
i told her i like her style n im not tryna knock it
but i gained love in my life n ill be d@mned if I lost it
she picks up the paper
and tells me to save it for later
I tell her I wont need it
i'd be a fool if i even considered it, let alone cheated
she takes a deep breath and then she said it
"I can throw this number away, but in 3 weeks ima regret it..."
My hat's off to today's world, any man that can resist temptatiion is indeed a wise man. What can you regret in 3 weeks ? you know what you got, you know what you're getting ??
Oh I really enjoyed reading this and hoping that there's more men out there who feel and act as you do.
keep it comming...


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