Black Poetry : Short keystyle


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May 11, 2006
Short keystyle

Like aged wine I’m enraged to find myself stuck in a celler
Need luck better than this, pissed want my groove back like Stellar
Got my passport paper wanna an escort to Jamacia need a girlfriend
To make the world spin toward love heart broken and now hurl trend
Being in an affair blind led me to the airline holding a first class ticket
Ready to board a jet can’t afford to get silly, opinions are fast and wicked
In the game plenty of wilds and many styles grow old while
Mine flow bold like streams got a cold team of rappers no smiles
Exist, because we foul and brisk like tea, we mean and extreme
Like machines on assembly lines no dang flimsy lines in our theme
Wear bling need security this bring maturity to my game went
To Jared got married after that, life widen in scope future bent
looking into a mirror of dimension and era of invention like Benjamin


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