Black Poetry : Shop Talk - (for my sistahs; can you relate).....


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
"I don't wanna be here all **** day"...
I say to myself as though I'm in prayer
take a seat
look around
seeing my sistahs
and ~~a few brothas
that came here from all over town
On a Friday, mid morning
in the month of July
gettin' ready for the weekend
that should be of no suprise
parties, ques, celebrations
and Sunday church services awaits~
but I won't be partaking
in any of that until
my stylist sets my hair up
straight ...
Can't go nowhere with
a busted up wig
so I'll sit here lookin'
at the Ebony and Jet Magz
until it's my turn
to get under the bowl;
then wrapped and tapped
full of dark and lovely soul...
sit 35 underneath the dryer
my patience is wearing
hot as hell in here
and my ears are on FIRE
**** ... **** ... **** ...
all the stylists seem to do
is stand around talkin' about
some other shorty's Boo,
or eatin' take out that some
body brought for them - so they
could get the hook up...and get
squeazed right in ~
ringin' phones,
answered from the watch tower
someone calls in ~ every 10
like they're workin' unknowningly
for tele-market-tin'
But I ain't mad
just gon'
keeps my cool
next to be gettin' fixed up
right and tight, too
....**** **** ****....
another walk-in ~~~ man!
so I sit my
frustrated assed frustration
-- sit still --
and bare it
with an adjusted grin
~it's my prayer time again~
hopin' the sista who just
came through
don't ask for
no complicated
styling concoction; or
a whole head of weave
cause damnit I've been
here for 3 1/2 hours
no disrespect intended
bu I'm ready....been ready... oh so ready leave...



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