Black People : Shooting in My Hood!


Apr 22, 2003
pdiane said:
Okay everyone, I need your help. Has anyone had to deal with the young, self hating, self destructing men, shooting in their neighborhood. I just helped my nephews by a house, which I live in, in the Black section of Boston and these self-hating, disenfranchised, suicidal brothers are shooting at each other, right in front of my house. A little girl got shot last night right in front of my house. Thank God and the Ancestors she didn't die.

Has anyone had to deal with this, what would you suggest we do? I am going to get the NOI up here and have them talk to the brothers. I will work on community policing. We will have a town meeting about this this weekend. Any other suggestions? We have some good brothers in this neighborhood, who want to help too.
Stories like this breaks my heart everytime.

You got some good ideas Sister. One safe way to police your neighborhood is to call the police when you see a known drug dealer standing around in your neighborhood. Or If you see a young child out their on the cornor and you know their parent, inform them. Anyone who looks suspicious standing around for long periods of time in your neighborhood, call the police, even if you have to say you thought you saw a gun. I know sometimes you got to lie just to get the police to do their jobs. They may not make an arrest but they can get them for tresspassing if nothing else.

The more police patroling your area, they will be hesitatant to stake roots there, along with the support of your neighbors doing their parts too (calling everytime something looks out of place.)

Please be careful Sis!


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Jul 1, 2003
Thank you for your responses. Great Idea, Purple will implement that right away. There are obviously no easy answers for this problem in our neighborhoods, but we can't give up and let our own children die and kill us. We got to fight for the right to be free!

I will be meeting with my politician as well, requesting more policing and crime watch signs on our street.


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Mar 21, 2001
The act of gun violent in our communities becoming so bad
happy to hear the child will be o'kay , but sad that our youth
still lost in this society life .

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