Black Poetry : Shoot hoops for dollarsand like a group of scholarssearch for knowledgeand never touch garbagedon't want an medieval universityjest eat my legal


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May 11, 2006
See a study group that shoot bloody hoops
and not gonna stoop to anyone, like SNOOP
plenty was done ain't nothing but a G thing
so he walk the street as he bling
look he's a player in shock
and may need a layer of rock
to throw at haters, have to be a tip top
scholar to earn a HIP HOP dollar
when a girl strip a lot boys holler
she's a Brown Soul Sista
in his garage a hummer
and there's a large number
of fish in the sea that can't
swim, flow well in the past
and like a hotel with class
accommodate folks
and dominate with quotes
He wrote her a letter
and hope for a better
relation ship that was a clever
thing he was gonna lose her
to another boy the blues he prefer
listening to while kissing his boo
she wore class lace
but like a glass vase
you can see right through
she was the type of boo
awaits a date so she's new
fresh meat breasts sweet
he's home yall
behind a stone wall
but shoots won't go far
wow he need a crowbar
to break through
and get cake from a boo”
“OK her cake is fine
that mess with a boy's state of mind
she flirt her work like it's a dream
all type of extreme words are screamed
in her ear that she prefer to hear
it bring mental images
and south central scrimmages
this is drastic and dope
leaves you with fantastic hope
but no fantasies by an opium pipe
so hey leave extreme daydream so hype
don't watch the dateline
but heard through the grapevine
his aim is romance
so its a game of chance
he play jest to advance
try be cool with a distinguish task
and like a high school English class
her books open along with her thighs
and boys throw the bed at me in love talk
to attract then have a club walk
sacrifice her cake
have a nice shape
the flavor in his story
is of a major category
shook had to revamp
bought a book of stamps
mailed a love letter
in the club is better
wow stay wet
promise to pay a debt
so hey Its a bet
she lay down and let
her boyfriend kiss her lips
going for a hood kiss
is a good risk
but that could twist
a boy's brain on a list
of things, “ SO look boo
tradition prevail me and you
position on a scale of love
so lets sail to the club, hug
and kiss NAW PLAYER”
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Drive a hummer
but survive with lumber
which is pieces of wood
it increases the hood
construct buildings
he find good luck chilling
inside them, to act is part
of a play boo lets start today
we can go to Walmart and stay
kissing but maybe missing from work
your booty twisting while you flirt
this is Black Hip Hop in Virginia Beach
and you a Black Soul Sista boys reach
for the panties a lot she's a sweaty peach
ready to teach, he got a Chevy quick and
keep a heavy stick under the seat his plan
is not to be carjacked at the bar facts fly
over the waiters head as them haters try
mislead folks and proceed as slow pokes
the hood need a good deed all jokes
aside grab the newspaper and read hoax
he listen to thug rap
and be kissing while mud flaps
on his truck nice radio while PLATO
find gravity he also have a divine cavity
in his mouth leave the house a dentist
could be a menace at a time like this
aw girl give me a kiss jest to reminisce
NAW PLAYER: a boy fool me
got schooled for free
oh my panties was hot
couldn't think straight
had pudding and pink cake
wearing a mini-skirt
have cake and be brave
and like a great sea wave
panties wet and washed ashore
he jest kissed my red lips galore
the juice jest started to pour
OH she may have to pea
OK BOO we in the car alone
we go to the bar then go home
but right now lets discuss some stuff
make no fuss he wanna huff and puff
she dodge the block
like its a large rock
ready for a mudslide
but he would love to ride
her in his car alone can't hide
his emotions
his emotions, girl you got some
black sweaty thighs yum! Yum!
“NAW PLAYER yet your task tall
like velvet grass big like all
of MANHATTAN best call
Briggs and Stratton and fall
to mercy of a lawn mower wall
of misconceptions about sex
probably ask for date no doubt next
right now my dress is down
and my breasts are found behind my bra
right now my choice prevail
like a fuzzy horsetail
you can ride on that
got pride and stats
have attitude and true wit
but not in the mood to do it
so there fore my dress stay down
while he kiss and play around
she got her head right
but this could be a red light
before going to bed tonight
love to coach with anger
but could approach danger
oh he wanted cake tall
and this was a wake-up-call
my style nice
like wildlife
must seek higher ground
there some fiyah all around
he kissed her lips in the car
her hips boss
it was tip-off
for a sexual situation can't
then he got her tongue
he was so sprung
she was moving her thing
around and kissing bed sing
a lullaby “Aw girl I don't wanna
cum” she say he lost it


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