Spoken Word : Shhhh, don’t keep it on the down low

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    down low men is gradually becoming a disgrace of humans issue
    Its contradicting because society may not make it real easy for you
    some down low men, are simply confused
    involving other lives just to be simply misused
    to the down low guys hiding behind the fury balls of shame
    stop hiding behind the pole pretending to be one thing in day, and at night ur calling his name
    whats done in the dark, will gleam in the light when truth unfolds
    be real with urself, its only right, its not a secret that should remain untold
    i apologize for ur imperfect life, thats so ****** up ur not willing urself be real with others,
    think of avoiding dangerous consequences, ur life, and how u can mislead another
    jumping from her ***** to his dick and rotate
    u may not acknowledge it, now ur living life of self hate
    its wrong to paint a picture of a strong and honorable lady’s man on the out side, but on the inside, ur more colorful than Picasso
    its not right deceiving them, , and expect a clap clap and a bravo
    shouldn’t be judge-mental on how someone may pick and choose
    either way it goes, they get to pick to gain in life, or to loose
    to my women, don’t be an infected in denial of your down low man
    observe and learn of him around other men
    eye brows arched better than urs chances are he's probably on the down low or not "out" yet
    pay close attention ladies, to avoid being betrayed beyond any imaginable level, and be left with a physical debt
    a woman shouldn’t be used as a distraction to idiotize herself to society
    while along her man, her husband, is running town, obliquely
    HIV is running the race
    while ur assed out and ******* her, whole life has been laced
    we have other lives involved, possibly sprouting seeds
    confusing their minds intertwine with lies of how they think daddy should be
    keeping his queen at home with the kids
    bringing unprotected **** to the hieness bed, that every night he re-lived
    ur despicably violating someone’s emotions
    and now STD’s are aligned in locomotion
    u mind as well stick a bullet of aides in ur caliber, point at ur dick and play Russian roulette
    living like the invisible massacre, more like the beast in the night that comes in triple threat
    i can give a middle finger **** about ur sexual interests
    but protecting urself is all i suggest
    get ur *** out the closet and stop hiding behind the mink coat
    looking insane, with ur soul call man bag, looking like my Louis purse
    please i beg, respect the others sexuality
    only in the sense and to the extent that we respect others sexual theory
    Some of u may be lost in phase looking for the right woman to cure u
    pitcher or catcher, either way u are still gay. Live with it , and be u
    life can get the best of u, society can be more than a curse
    revealing the truth
    don’t live in a lie, life would be better than worse
    It takes a lot of courage to be open about who you are
    if it takes to change ur surroundings to people who accept who u really are
    we all come from different backgrounds and went thru different life experiences but we all have the power to make the right choices and make positive differences
    to the down low men,
    be as real as u can.
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