Black Poetry : She's Mines....

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    While I sip on this Corona with lime
    Sitting here in this chair that I reclined
    I wanted to dedicate all of these lines
    By unloading my heart in the form of a rhyme
    She's got me on cloud nine
    Got me looking up her zodiac sign
    Straightening up, walking the fine line
    I careless what you think to me she's fine
    I'm her's and she mines
    And with her I'll take my time
    It's for her I create this shrine
    I've found the sweetest grape off the vine
    Lol...Unfortunately she ended up with Frankenstein
    But this was no accident, it was by design
    It's divine
    My perfect find
    My one of a kind
    Got me in a loving frame of mind
    No more blind leading the blind
    She all the women I want combined
    My past is that, the past, no need to rewind
    I leave it behind
    She offered up her heart and I could not decline
    She's not ten pennies, to me she's my dyme
    There no bitterness like the taste of the rind
    She was a free agent but now she's signed
    She's more versatile than Venetian blinds
    She's the best woman I know of all mankind
    We are intertwined
    In my mind
    I hear her song over and over thanks to that button "rewind"
    Feeling free, no longer in a bind
    I'm refined
    We are in-tune, we are aligned
    Just her convo helps me unwind
    I'm no slacker, I stay on my grind
    I'm constantly focused and not just sometimes
    She got taste like a dessert wine
    Even in the dark she shines
    Her voice sends a sensation down my spine
    Surprisingly she ain't asked me nothing about my dollar sign
    All other love interest has become benign
    I need her in my life like a battery needs alkaline
    I know it's not February but she's my valentine
    Just the thought of love and she comes to mind
    Bear in mind
    That all others have been left behind
    I'm in a new state of mind
    Operating in my right mind
    I must say adiĆ³s, cause that's my time....
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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    enjoyed the poetic love treat what a lucky girl