Black Poetry : she's a KOREAN CHICK hot sometimes play TIK TOK she got on a romance path fast and like an advance math class her numbers must add up or she'll be a s

listening to a whack beat.
kissing in the backseat
her panties soaked.
seat spring broke
because she was moving her thing around
he's wearing bling being a hound.
oh, a girl revamps her noun.
then went to the campground.
a boy wanted to get a chick.
kissed her she got wet quick.
immediately tried to stick it.
she pulled up her panties and ran.
she pulled up her panties and ran.
home oh she hot down there
oh, a girl wet boss and sweet.
told a boy get lost creep.
oh, a girl can't focus on that crap.
when it's a bunch of bogus raps
boys like a locust they trap.
their prey and that slap reality
oh, a girl sweaty and fine.
but there's a steady decline.
in her emotions between her thighs
and still boys want an ocean of cream pies.


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