Black Poetry : she's a BROWN SOUL SISTA here in VIRGINIA BEACH blister the street when she throw butt boys want her KRISPY KREME do-nut and so they blow up her phone

talk sweet to percolate.
a girl's hormones like coffee
go to her home and softly.
kiss her lips then sips a cup.
of luck girl got a round butt
oh, girl at a town and able.
to sir ar a round table
a boy bought her a plat of steak.
then asked for a date she said nope.
but he hopes to get some.
of her wet honey bun
not funny for her to run.
oh he just put his hand under her dress
and got some tongue sucked her breasts
she just start to moan and groan
SHE SAID: Oh a queen is a daughter
wet like a stream of water
sincere with nice affection
and clear like precise direction
oh, a feudal dinner with wrong men.
is like a brutal winter wind.
it blows cold.
but she knows her goal.
oh, a girl pretends she's asleep.
oh, a girl pretends she's asleep.
a boy ends up going deep.
on the street EBONICS is aggression
like a deep economic session
money do fly.
he wants some honey pie.
oh, a slender chance of survival.
and tender romance on arrival
oh, a chick goes to bed early.
her lips be red girly.
ballistic as a rabbit
sex could be a pessimistic habit.


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