Black Poetry : she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA her lips are red butters he'll be ahead of others if he get a wet date others her hormones and take her home aim to gain a pr

in this operatic career
a winner with barcadi's
at dinner parties
he delights guests.
SHE SAID: she from a community that babbles.
and have an opportunity to do travels.
cake is a break in action.
that brings great satisfaction.
aim to gain a prize.
then leap into the air flies.
like bats from vampire city
she was at home living in satisfaction.
she was at home living in satisfaction.
when a boy knocked and aroused her to action
HE SAID: boo you have a man?
no, let him grab your hand.
according to the hood news
he does get good reviews.
but nothing to boast about
eat toast for breakfast and shout.
girl spread the butter.
her lips red and utter
love stuff.
in the club talk to ruff


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