Black Poetry : she's a black SOUL SISTA from uptown. real sweet and Butt round boys throw junk in her ear. and try pump it right here. he just prays for cake. and da

and TRAVIS KELCE on the phone
with CHARLES BARKLEY with strong
words, she's in a mini skirt, bra.
and panties alert in a boy's car
oh, he wanna insert some joy FA-LA-LA
goes the music boys use it at the bar.
to get a girl's panties hot a lot
of the time, seek to bring this.
here and speak it in ENGLISH.
so, her girl her body is distinguish.
have fun this confirm his charms.
and like sunburned arms
and like sunburned arms
this could hurt bring the lotion.
he wears bling in slow motion.
she's black and a exact potion.
she needs some hot advice.
and like a stock price
the need increases.
she pulls her skirt down.
and just flirt around.
riding in a hummer is a profession.
and like a summer session
undergraduate she learns stuff.
undergraduate she learns stuff.
this boy was concerned enough.
he just stuck his hand under her skirt.
oh, she didn't know what to do.
he just said I love you boo.
oh, she started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: she has a Stange itch.
now a change in pitch
with her voice
but she prefers a choice.
rather to have sex or not
even though her complex and hot


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