Black Poetry : she's a BLACK SOUL SISTA doing stuff and is not screwing around, to eat grass is to graze and to come with class amaze girl he wants her lipstick ener

travel by ship.
then unravel script.
then go onboard.
holding a strong sword
at home have a FORD
oh, he just put his hand under her dress.
aw girl you got some black sweaty thighs.
now confetti in the skies
she was moving her thing around.
and saying stuff off top of her head
other words started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, sex is a trip for pleasure.
SHE SAID: oh, sex is a trip for pleasure.
and next she strips to measure.
love, then travel to the bedroom.
while he's misled by perfume
oh, a girl revamping her quotes.
to keep from dampening her hope
oh, a ballistic mood.
leads to an optimistic attitude.
so, boys go down kiss it she can't elude.
them, he just checks her breasts.
because he expects the best
oh, a girl seems kind and wise.
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oh, a girl seems kind and wise.
when a boy scream to find pies
a girl's voice is a high pitch noise.
but duck she don't itch for boys.
stuff she dreams about
make boys scream and shout.
a low noise is a rumble.
she flows to boys no stumble.
oh goodness hard to be humble.
some boys like a cookie they crumble.
oh, a girl wears thin panties that's knowledge.
and buy Hershey candies inside college.


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