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    Peace Destee Fam!

    Its so hard to escape the realities going on around us, especially Earth Changes.
    With the possibilities of constant Cat. 5 Hurricanes haunting us for years to come, we must being to prepare and find the solutions that fit within our budgets and lifestyles - while we still have that option.

    We have a few options. One that stand out right away are underground shelters. 2-3 families can agree to building one of these for their entire safely in the case of an emergency. - This website is for sale! - undergroundshelter Resources and Information.

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    Another choice, would be building a safe room. Pick a spacious enough room in the home, with no windows that you can reinforce with either concrete or steel.
    Bob Vila - Home Improvement, Home Repair And Home Renovation

    The other option is to canvas out buildings, underground units close to home that can act as a shield for you and your family in case of an emergency. Certain families, especially those of you who live along the coast, should start staking out these place right now. Schools and some other buildings, have very good reinforced basements that can be used as a safe haven. Look for places that can survive the worst possible storms.

    Can the unit survive wind speeds of up to and over 175 miles per hour?
    Have the flood systems in the area been maintenanced properly?
    How many families can fit safely in the unit, and for how long?

    This is an example of questions that we should ask about whatever option we choose.
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    Beloved KgMW MetaSaience::kiss1: :kiss1:

    I have the wizard of Oz video, and I have watched it over and over until I received the revelations in it. They had a shelter underneath the house.

    Thank you for this information.

    Your Divine loving for us is Divine.

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