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    She was a dream, dream She had to be
    She was the last thought, to enter my head at night
    First thought I woke to, in morning light
    Though She was the one I preferred, She became my dream deferred
    How could I have let her leave my side? Why was I full of such pride?
    How could I forget her eyes?
    To look within them is to see clear to eternity
    Her eyes any man would be privileged to drown in the sea of her tears
    Now it’s my fear not to ever have her near
    To look once more upon her eyes those precious jewels
    That reflects her radiance for all to see
    See I guess you just don’t know, no I guess you just don’t see
    She was beyond physical beauty, yet Beauty She was to her bone marrow
    But eternity with her was not in the tarot cards
    Why is it so hard, to be with one you really care for?
    The one you truly adore, I guess you don’t yet know what I mean
    She was my Thelma from Good Times with or without the Afro-Sheen
    She was my Nefertiti, She was my Nubian Queen
    She was my Angela Bassett before “Stella Got Her Groove Back”
    She was my drug more addictive than crack
    Mark Anthony if he had met her would’ve dropped Cleopatra
    Moses would’ve split seven seas just to get closer to her beauty
    To spend time with her at days length, Sampson would’ve given away his strength
    I swear Solomon would’ve spent every single last piece of his gold
    Just to spend two minutes with her soul
    But me? Foolish I, I let this virgin go, to see a world that She had never known
    I wish She could know how long my heart She owned
    Guess by now you’ve figured out, that I loved her, though She is many years in my past
    I really wish our love did last, Because I did love her
    But I guess the only way I can have her now is the fifteen-minute glimpses I see of her
    Within my nocturnal imageries
    I swear, I would write her new poems change my old ways to new ones
    Buy her the world if I thought it would bring her back to me
    But she will always be a dream, a dream she will always be
    But I hope not for eternity!!!