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    Something hot for the 4th of July Weekend ...


    Twilight merges with the evening with a sort of seething bliss
    Like a calming dust cloud, me and the lady settle into a kiss
    Lips pressed – hips, chest and other things tied in an embrace -
    Like bails of dried grass tied with twine, we’re in each others space
    Entangled in the tie of arms and legs we fawn over, and kiss each other
    We stroked, we touched, we felt, we pressed … we expressed to one another
    Easing into a moment of foreplay making way for moments of passion to take place
    Participating in activities short of telepathic communications as we were face to face
    I looked into her eyes and read something that I already knew
    She wanted me, and wanted me in such a way that our souls would bond like glue
    And the more I looked into her eyes, the more I became enchanted
    I really got turned on when I saw how that naughty look in her eyes had them slanted
    She put her head on my chest as I stroked her eyebrow
    She nuzzled me as we cuddled together … by this time, I was on a high now -
    Natures rising, comprising an air of concupiscent consideration
    Excited and delighted … and brimming with anticipation

    The ambiance and quite, with a riot of thought flooding my mind
    Mood music in the background setting up the experience as one of a kind
    With melodies and harmonies that warrant these feelings that I feel
    Stirred to catalytic reactions by attractions ripe and real
    The lyrics to a particular song suggest a certain, naughty thing
    The melody in the music causes us both to sing
    Following the words that we heard in the song, we played along with what was said
    Letting the suggestive words spur the thoughts that were in both of our heads
    I felt her body move to the music as it was I joined her in a dance
    At times we’d feel the beat to the point to where we’d break out in a prance
    And in chance and happenstance we’d loose ourselves in the rhythm and flow -
    And start grindin', no need for remindin' of the mission that was already a go
    In our bout of dirty dancing and prancing we worked up a little sweat
    I felt her crotch and noticed that it was a little wet
    Sure signs that she was primed and ready to get nasty and do the do
    As sure as she was ready … I was ready to

    The look in her eyes were timeless, far from mindless were her actions
    With purposeful intent, her energies were spent towards satisfaction
    With a touch and such, here and there, that tugged on lustful dispositions
    I touched her and she touched me, inciting burning, lustful ambitions
    We touched each other in certain places that turned us on to a certain pleasure
    I eventually put my hands to the doors to her treasure
    She closed her eyes and sighed a sigh that betrayed her level of ecstasy
    A sigh that conveyed the fact that she wanted to do more than get next to me
    She planted kisses on my neck in a very particular spot
    A place that I never would have considered would get me bothered and hot
    With her lips pressed to that spot, she **** near made me melt
    I had to recompose myself because I was fading, because of the way I felt
    She kept on, and the moments slept on as we pleasured our ‘pleasants’
    Unwrapping each other like Christmas presents
    Down to our skivvies … and then down to the skins
    All the while our faces are painted with wild eyes and naughty grins

    As the evening inched on … sensual temperatures rose
    And we found ourselves enthralled, surrendering to the throws -
    Of passion, desire, desperate lust and obscene pleasures
    Making moves that intrudes into areas of taking obscene measures
    I put my hands to the door of a very personal place
    A location on her anatomy that brought a naughty grin to her face
    Sliding the crotch of her panties to the side, firmly swirling what’s in between her hips
    Her hips undulated in response to the motion that I was making with my fingertips
    She stopped me, only to remove that last bit of clothing she had on
    Taking off her panties in full view and close proximity really got my ‘bad’ on
    As we gravitated one again towards each other and resumed our foreplay
    Touching, feeling, fondling, teasing … all of which was our forté
    Stripped down to nothing and pawing each other like puppies
    Intertwined in an embrace of arms and legs we couldn’t get enough, please
    I was lost in the moment, but in an instant, it struck me
    She was hot, heated, and ready to the point where she wanted to ***** me

    She f*cked me in a manner that was far from shy
    And when she really got started I said to myself “Oh My!”
    Like reaching the apex of a roller coaster ride, my feelings wouldn’t go numb
    And as such, anticipating that first drop and all that was to come
    Inserted inside of her cervix, I was strapped in for the ride
    Inverted, and not nervous, both of her legs were straddled on my sides
    On top in more ways than one, she had a goal in mind
    And that was to ***** me until I couldn’t take it no more – my fate was sealed and signed
    I felt the power of her hips that she generated with each swivel
    I felt the muscles in her @ss flex in a manner that was uncivil
    I felt the squeeze of her legs in the muscles of her thighs
    I felt the her yearning to take me as spied in the naughty look in her eyes
    I felt a pride and passion that was too well-timed to be fate
    I felt it when she really started, like race horses right out of the gate
    Putting her all into her p*ssy as she gave me every ounce
    And like an elk in the sights of a cougar, I was hers to pounce

    She f*cked me in a way that she would not be denied
    Tethered to the bed by her movements, I couldn’t escape even if I tried
    She had me switchin' and twitchin' … at one point I think I cried
    The way she rode my d!ck, I had to hang on for the ride
    With her p*ssy she stroked my shaft, and stroked it something fierce
    She scrubbed my baton in such a way that it was my emotions that she would pierce
    She rode my 'ding-a-ling' much like a train rides a track
    Never derailed, she prevailed in putting into her hip motion, her back
    She was a rida', something which she warned me about before
    But when she mounted me, it hit me … she wanted to make me sore
    She wound and rode me – she owned me as I stroked her tensing calves
    At times she got excited and **** near broke my d!ck in half
    The way our bodies slapped together sounded like the clapping of a large hand
    Driving her hips into the front of my body, she elected to take command
    Commander and Chieftess … Priestess toiling for my soul
    At this moment, all things sex and sex related, she took full control

    She f*cked me and when she did, she did so without shame
    Turning e every which way but loose … she had me calling her name
    Untamed and blameless, she shamelessly f*cked me
    Riding me like a cowgirl who refused to be bucked free
    Her forearms to my shoulders, she had me pinned to the bed
    With huffs, sighs and obscenities that remained to be said
    And as clear as the slight of wet paper that is easy to touch through
    She bent down and whispered in my ear “I’m gonna' ***** you”
    As if she wasn’t already doing the deed, putting her efforts into me
    It was as if a light came on, and she had a burst of energy
    And with ferocity she worked her hips into a frenzy
    Causing me to grimace and grunt from the hot c*nt that she sends me
    “Can you handle this p*ssy?” she bends down to ask me
    Licking the rim of my ear before ascending to pleasurably harass me
    Using my body as a spring board, getting all of her ‘bits’ in
    Pouncing and bouncing up and down, taking in my ‘piston’

    She f*cked me … baby ‘gurl’ really had me in a jam
    Throwing caution to the wind … this woman didn’t give a [email protected]
    Because her objective was to ***** me and give me all of herself
    So whenever I thought about p*ssy, I wouldn’t want anyone else
    With my ‘pestle’ in her ‘mortar’ she ground my tensions into ease
    ‘Mastur-ing’ my p*nis like a jazz pianist mastering the keys
    The motion of her hips, in tandem with gravity, made each stroke a passionate plus
    Dropping her p*ssy like a hammer and slamming herself into me, I couldn’t help but to bus'
    Like a seismic event my body quaked quivered and proceeded to rock
    One motion of her hips sent my body into an after shock -
    The force or which threw covers off of the bed and pillows to the floor
    She didn’t just ***** my body, she f*cked me to my very core
    She f*cked me to the point where afterwards I couldn’t say a peep
    Raising my melatonin levels, she put me right to sleep -
    Like an anesthesiologist anesthetizing her patient for a procedure
    She f*cked me, and f*cked me good … my mind and body was for her seizure

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2009
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    nothing like receiving a ride...

    ...from a mistress of her craft. the abilities and drive that comes from the skills of the experienced...knowing the power she nothing short of exquisite. you LAID this one...or, maybe i should say, SHE laid this one.

    the river floweth.
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    woooooooweeeeeeeeeeee like an rollercoaster and a splash big bang
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    Well, alrighty-then!

    This sistah gets to do the hoola-hoop sound! Cuz she put it ON YA!

    "Shoop! Shoop!" LOL!