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    She is Goddess eternal

    Magnificent specimen

    Vividly I document her in Journal

    Bodaciously, Voraciously, vivaciously She is blessed from heaven

    Definatively a sight to behold

    more beauty she has on her pinky

    then Venus has from head to toe.

    She has this uniquely singular countenance

    Her words and thoughts and actions

    display her true essence.

    She appears as a perfectly proportioned angel.

    An Octillionaire one might become

    If her elements could be bottled to sell.

    Yet though she resides on earth this heavenly creature

    I swear I'm gonna go to hell

    for within my thoughts and dreams She has become a triple-X rated feature

    Statuesque is the sight before me

    I'd sell 70 jars of my seed

    to try and buy just 1 night with...she...

    though I'm no stud, yet I might be stallion

    If I were a wizard

    I'd transform myself inoto a shape shifting Chamellion

    morph into a pair of her favorite brand of panty hose

    So that her sweet smelling nectars would have a chance to touch tongue and enter nose

    Everytime she just moves

    stirs up a third leg between two

    ooooh, just the thought of her

    gives me shivers and spasms

    she touched me only once

    Yet I'm afraid to admit she gave me an pre-ejaculatory orgasm

    No man I fathom...could contend with her beauty

    She'd have Halle Berry, Naomi Cambell and Beyonce begging God

    to never let their men ever have the sight of She

    Dammmn She is hellafine...Wished and prayed that one day She'd be mine

    Did I fail to say she's a beauty Queen?

    Yet words don't merely explain

    the very sight of She.

    You see I caught her one day

    on the 6 train reading the "12 Universal Laws of Success"

    Yet no matter how hard I try she always has me thinking bout sex.

    I know that sounds shallow

    Yet in her presence my vast knowledge and imagination become narrowed

    Always directed at thoughts of her vaginal secretions

    Our conversations always seem to end up

    on books like "The Joy of Sex", "Tantric Lovemaking", and "Karma Sutra -Teachings and techniques"...or so that's what my mind is thinking...

    What am I gonna do with She???

    F*** her til my brain melts and seaps out through orifices of eyes, ears, mouth and nose??? (because she makes me so hot)

    She I know is that scientific explanation which has caused one to Spontaneously cumbust and explode

    The type of woman that can force a man to become a MAN

    cause that's the only type she likes you see???

    She is fantastically, well, fine, and alright and I'm sure she's also okay...

    cause that's how she rolls

    Gangstering her own Empire of space

    without hesitance...she'll set one back into place

    when they really need it most

    Wont be host

    to breed your seed

    unless you can truly lead her spirit, heart, mind, finances

    in the most positive ways...

    I've come to understand her so's not about getting laid

    next to She....Yet I think that's what f*cks me up so much

    I want to be next to she...

    She...that curvilicious treat

    Kind, unique, overstanding the ways of Corporate and street

    balanced delicately as She knows how to

    She'll howl in a second

    to get the attentions

    of all around - especially when she believes she is right in all respects

    Don't dare get her vexed

    Else you'll feel the wrathful tongue of a woman strong enough to fight for what and who she truly believes

    against all adversities

    She is hellaStrong

    She'll pull a knife

    boiled water on a stove

    whatever it takes

    till you understand

    that she doesn't easily trust men (unless you're a real MAN) to the core

    (And no matter how much you're willing to spend) She is not, has never been, and will never be any type of whore...

    She is the woman of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow bringing generations hope to be one like She...

    See that's why she tests men like me...

    Giving inspirational tendencies

    She is the amusing muse

    I could draw word pictures of her for days...

    Giving her, her all due praise

    Because as far as I'm concerned she was perfectly made

    Don't get me wrong I aint no slave...(to the likes of She)

    Yet nobody better ever lay a hand to hurt she...

    She is not only protected by me

    but by a divine spark

    that keeps her attached to humanity...

    She is 7 times flawless sexilicious divine

    mental visceral, stimulus

    for ears, eyes nose and hope throat and mouth...yet always she is for the mind

    She aint no gold digger she just wants what she deserves

    A man who can provide her with the things she can provide herself

    be true to her always, have strong depths of innerself

    Which can compel her to look on one from any place they've begun...

    Whether fortune 500 or from abject poverty...

    From Kemetic lands or from NYC streets

    She wants and deserves her title as Queen She-ba-ba-bad

    Yet the questions still formulates in my mind...

    What makes me worthy of her love??? Have I been so touched by God above to have a woman who wants and has to taught me to be more than I am even if today I am homelessman???

    Wanting me to not want her verbally and yet wanting me to want her silently

    I tell you Malcolm nor Ghandi nor Clinton, nor Sampson could resist the likes of She...

    She - is how Chaka Khan once said - "Every Woman" it's all in She

    Hell yeah She is just that hellafine...

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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    feeling your flo man me likes!
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    bruh u dress this through truth da depth was smooth and powerful
    surely this joint is well heard
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    Seems as if she is all you could ever wish for, and more. Regally laid poet.