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Mar 20, 2001

appeared out of nowhere,
a sweet faced soft voiced blur
that smelled of clouds and rainbows,
smiling shyly at him,
constructioning in him the strongest urge to touch
her hair, her skin...
find some way to get in...
and make her his only sin.


came along and held his hand
face open as she vowed to understand
all of the jibberish and confusion he uttered into her ear
in the early dark daylight hours of the morning...
surprising himself that he had so much to tell,
spilling his sorrow and anger and regret in her soul
so that


could transform it into a bright light
that she swathed him in...
forgiving him instantly for his trespasses and misgivings-
he never knew how redeeming confession could be.


came forth
and gave him all that she had,
love apparent in her touch and kiss
as her eyes whispered promises of always-
by his side when the world beat him down,
wiping tears of frustration from his eyes
and hate from his brow
to hold it in her hands and crush it into oblivion...
vehemently blaspheming those who opposed him.


scared him silly with her honesty-
love always has to leave,
so before it left him, he foolishly left her,
purposly betraying her and daring her to stay...
praying her to stay
and prove to be true in the ways
that all else had went astray.
heated by her kisses and freed by her touch...
he had grown to love it too much,
frightened by the feeling only ever envoked by


©copyright ambroziya snow2001


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