Black Poetry : she was REDBONE a yellow Soul she can draw a map boys come with raw crap she's in an affair that's sweet as she prepare to speak her skirt not up she

his style has powers
and like wildflower
it spread to their heads quick
these words are like seals
they come ashore to breed for real
talk to fish and swim
get a kiss above the rim
want a mermaide or whale
as a female have cake and red lip
can't make heads or tale of the scripts.
oh, he just put his hand under her dress.
to feel it and thunder her breasts.
to feel it and thunder her breasts.
oh, she was stun for real.
for him a fun deal
oh, she just moved her thing around.
the seat screech and made sound.
oh, she just started to moan and groan.
SHE SAID: oh, panties and tissue.
and coochee candies is the issue.
oh, a girl kissed a boy's cheek.
and he really enjoys going deep.
a house crisis
can arouse the nicest.
can arouse the nicest.
chick quick, oh her lips
await a kiss he try flips.
her pancakes which drips
syrup she makes IHOPP trips.
oh, see through panties tells.
a lot they seem to ring bells.
on the spot for boys and spells
words that's never heard of try play.
oh, comes the birds to stay or fly away.
she dodges and proud to flirt.
attract large crowds like concert.


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