Black Poetry : she was a PUERTO RICAN CHICK send boys sneaking quick. facts stack like a heavy backpack stuff serious not whack. carry weight. and very straight boys


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May 11, 2006
send boys sneaking quick.
facts stack
like a heavy backpack
stuff serious not whack.
carry weight.
and very straight
boys merry to get cake.
it's wet and great.
like battle creek cornflakes
his pace slaughter.
and like wastewater
this could be wordy and dirty.
from a ridge this is graphic
and like bridge carry traffic
by word of mouth
pie is absurd down south.
got scars from acne.
in bars boys attack with key
love talk, they carry a joke too far.
they wanna poke and do it in the car
it's pathetic and hard.
and like credit cards
she owes folks.
but her flows smokes
now this EBONICS is rough.
because it's electronic stuff
never chase after
the face of disaster
give grace to a pastor.
boys try for pie through love talk.
she wants an opportunity for knowledge.
through a community college
chase all the fame.
and like a baseball
boys want home runs.
but some strike out.
this is a matter of doubt.
as he shatters folks with clout
and what you're talking about?
he wants cake galore.
but you a great bore
want a hot romance.
but not a chance
should have thought of that.
before she was caught in a chat
now all you can do is tilt your hat.
aw girl everything is rosy.
he wears bling why you're so nosy?
well, he thinks then.
and there's an ink pen.
in the box grab it
let it become a habit.
write a love letter.
got to the club or whatever.
SHE SAID: she knows how her luck be.
but that's not her cup of tea.
have to add a little honey.
in the middle of a sunny
she speaks Spanish.
and can freak and vanish.
right before his very eyes
then adore the merry skies.
vapor and particles.
lead to newspaper articles.
and that bring about headlines.
over some red wines
she's evaluating teams.
using calculating machines
boys lifting the dress of females.
like shifting gales
need to abandon hope.
backseat is random broke.
from sexual strokes
the wind blows up her dress.
this boy wanna a donut and suck breasts
he's after KRISPY KREME
after a twisty dream
so right here in school class
he has become a fool fast.
but need a cool hall pass.
the teacher assigns homework.
make the kids dome perk.
her fingernails scratch the black board.
got goose bumps to hear that his ford.
truck outside no doubt took pride.
to drive that, wanna give her a ride.
HE SAID BOO let's hide.
in the washroom? SHE SAID: and do what?
look boo once at a summer camp.
in a hummer cramped
and boy's hand under her dress
to feel her juicy thing and breasts
aw girl you got phat lips on your PUERTO RICAN
thing should give him some.


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